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Author Topic: Cast Away  (Read 2561 times)

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Re:Cast Away
« Reply #15 on: 22 Jul 2005, 12:18:08 »
I dont mind where the moderators finally decide to plunk these two threads, the entire theme is fantastic, i love it. Right now, it's taking off in the beta missions forum with <ahem> new 'enhancements'. you guys are BRILLIANT. please keep it going, coz it has every chance of going far. I think your call was right Marcus that it's far too early to be a beta, and does indeed belong here. I'd rather see it back in beta as a formal bug & road test after you've all hacked away at it here.

I recommend that you 'solve', one, or the other, thread so that you aren't chasing all over the place for replies. Because replies, you're gonna get.
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Re:Cast Away
« Reply #16 on: 23 Jul 2005, 09:00:42 »
For the sake of everyone's sanity, and the fact that the discussion for improving this mission is already going on in the beta board...

Not all is lost.