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Author Topic: Wrp Editors: Tools and Resources  (Read 6557 times)

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Wrp Editors: Tools and Resources
« on: 28 May 2005, 16:16:19 »
This thread lists tools and resources relating to .wrp file creation and editing which are available in the Editors Depot and elsewhere, where appropriate, along with links.


WrpEdit is available from the Editors Depot.

This was the first .wrp editor that was available for the community.
It is still in its first beta form and it will not be updated, however, it is still a very good program.
It is more powerful than many give it credit for, it is also, to my mind at least, the easiest to use although laying roads and fences can be a little tedious as there is no automatic road or fence laying functions and no copy/paste functions either.

WrpEdit: Tutorials & Manuals

WrpEdit Manual (WrpEdit v 0.93) - by Planck
This is an unofficial manual for WrpEdit.
It explains in detail just about all aspects of the WrpEdit interface.
What each Tab, Menu Item and Button is for in fact, the ones that are functional anyway.

WrpEdit Tutorial (WrpEdit v 0.93) - by Planck
This tutorial explains how to use WrpEdit.
Covering: Raising and lowering terrain, applying textures, placing trees and bushes, laying roads, placing a bridge and placing buildings and other objects.
There is a list of WrpEdit keyboard shortcuts included in Appendix A.

A Soldiers 5 On WRPEdit -  by snYpir (currently unavailable)
This is not a manual on WRPEdit, rather it is a starting point for people who think that using WRPEdit might be difficult. IT IS NOT.

WrpEdit: Terrain Import Tutorials

DEM Tutorial - by grenadier
How to get and use DEM's for use in OFP.

DEM-WrpEdit Tutorial - by Planck
This tutorial describes how to get your prepared DEM map into WrpEdit by converting the DEM into a Terragen file and loading it into Wilbur.
It is presumed that you have a DEM of the correct size and resampled at the required 50m resolution, probably done in Microdem.

Importing Islands Into WrpEdit From Terragen - by Bioxx (currently unavailable)
Putting your Island into WrpEdit for Dummies

How To Import A Terragen Map Into WrpEdit - by SFG (currently unavailable)
A video tutorial on importing Terragen maps into WrpEdit.

Importing Maps From Wilbur To WrpEdit - by SFG (currently unavailable)
A video tutorial on importing maps from Wilbur to WrpEdit.

Importing Your Island Into OFP From WrpEdit -  by SFG (currently unavailable)
A video tutorial on importing maps into OFP from WrpEdit.

Texturing In WrpEdit - by SFG (currently unavailable)
A video tutorial on texturing in WrpEdit.

WrpEdit: Miscellaneous Other Tutorials

Defining Airstrips & Taxiways Tutorial - by Marksman
This tutorial shows you how to define your runway and taxiways on your custom .wrp file.

Documentation To Wrp Files - by zwadar
This document describes the format of .wrp files. (This is an old document, but it still has useful information)

Texturing In WrpEdit - by SFG (currently unavailable)
A video tutorial on texturing in WrpEdit.


Visitor is the .wrp editor from BIS; it was used to make the default game .wrp files.
Buldozer is the viewer that is used by Visitor; alternatively, both are available from the Breathe site.


This .wrp editor seems to be quite popular, although it doesn't appear to work very well, if at all, on Win98 or WinMe systems.  WinXP is recommended if you wish to use this one.

It comes with a fairly comprehensive manual which has lots of additional, but relevant information included in it.
WrpTool is available from nekromantix.com.

This sticky topic replaces and adds to the information in 2 previous sticky topics.

The old sticky topics can be found at these locations:

OFPEC WRPEdit Tutorial

Video WRPEdit Tutorials


Edit: links updated - WEK.
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