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Author Topic: New Era Vietnam Campaign!!  (Read 1520 times)

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Quang Tri

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New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« on: 02 May 2005, 03:23:50 »
As some may know Im am A Vietnam Mission maker author of THE NAM well After sharing my idea with some friends at work I have decided to make a new Era Vietnam Campaign it will be based on the following....

As you all may know Our current Prsident of the US had lost a father in The vietnam war ,,He was a MIA thought to be a POW but was never confirmed 30 years later Vietnam has decided it has Restricted any futher searhing for the remains for Us Mia's this has out Raged our President he has issued orders to send a small force over to vietnam to try and restore talks........Well as you may have all ready guessed these talks get worse and before you know The sons and Daughters of our Vietnam vets Take Up arms in VIETNAM.......P.O.W M.I.A   You well never be forgotten!!!!

Plz let me know what you think  I am looking for help with this,, on mission  Idea's I will also  need somone to help me with the briefing's and such Beta testers will also be needed any one that will like to help with any of this share your ideas and such in my forum as well plz!

Thanks Quang Tri


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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #1 on: 02 May 2005, 11:40:22 »
Sounds nice but you didnt mention if you are going to use special Forces or normal grunts your story fits both I think.

Anyway it is kind of difficult to know about the modren army of veitnam.
but still great Idea,
good luck.


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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #2 on: 02 May 2005, 13:13:57 »
Reminds me of a film I saw.  Some aging veterans (David Carradine?) rented a jet ranger and a huey and went looking for their team mates MIA.  Think it ended with them finding a POW compound and busting their buddies out (while probably losing one of the rescue party, for added emotional charge).

So the missions could include:
- recon jobs to find camps in the jungle, while dodging patrols (because if you are seen it will lead to war or executions or at least the POWs would be moved)
- maybe a mission where you have to click on each prisoner through the binoculars to identify them.  In the movie they were looking for specific guys, so would need to find the right prison.
- busting in to kill the guards and free the prisoners
- sneaking out across the border with rescued guys into Laos
- maybe getting back to your camp to get back in the chopper / jeeps, and find that your local scout has sold you out, so you have to hold off a wave of attackers and then form up at a new RV
- perhaps sneak back and do some sabotage of an army base to get even
- find and kill the scout for revenge (without alerting the army or police)

Or maybe it would all blow up in a diplomatic incident, and the US land troops on a beach, unload tanks, start a big shooting war, go hunting for weapons of mass destruction or whatever.  But that branch in the story seems less personal and less involved with POWs.

Offline Hawkins

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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #3 on: 02 May 2005, 13:25:30 »
A cool idea, many have thought of this before but none has done it. :) I hope this gets done. Though, there was a guy over at the official forums who had the same concept. Here's a link.
Indeed this one should involve some sneaky action. First maybe trying to locate the POW camps by interrogating/questioning some locals, and at the same time trying to avoid any contact with the local officials.
What timelone are you going to use? The early 90s? That would fit well IMO. You could use the SF troops from HYK's unit pack. I think it has some units that fit that specific timeline. Though, I'll leave the selection to your hands, since it's your mission. :)

Quang Tri

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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #4 on: 02 May 2005, 18:14:17 »
Hawkins thanks for that link I have never seen it before but after reading it some it sounds completley diff here is what I have in mind

1.)The year will be 2003 or 04
2.)All pow and mia are surley dead by now .......

3.)as papers have been stateing we have been working with the Vietnam govt tring to locate the remains of our missing  (true)
4.)well in mine missions Their govt starts side stepping no longer wanting us their
5.) with our President father being a mia from the vietnam war in 1968 he get very hot tempered about this get gets alot of support from our vets

6.) Well he sends over a small force Modern Hk 03 units and bas helos to try and force Vietnam back to the table while he does this things happen

7.) before all said and done we will be at a full blown war with our Modern Military agaist Vietnam Regulars year 03-04

I hope this helps this is not going to be old vets going back or any thing like that nor will it be all hush hush operations most will be straight out assult
Quang Tri

Quang Tri

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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #5 on: 03 May 2005, 08:06:21 »
Well i have started the first 2 missions in my campaign so far so good i guess the HK troops and the combat addons as well as the seb pack Nva and of course bas are being used so far I could really use some ideas so far here what im thinking

1.) Back to nam ( name speaks for self first us troops arrive in Nam)

2.) The Build Up ( Us Forces have secured the lz and is starting to move in forces

3.) ???  (somthing along lines of starting new firebase need to patrol area)

4.) ??? ( Sniper Mission)

5.) ??? ( Assult a Nva Strong Hold)

6.) ???  Need some ideas let me Know what you think so far as well as what you would like to see again this is Modern Warfare!


Quang tri


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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #6 on: 03 May 2005, 18:07:37 »
well I think it wont be very bad if you use Ideas from the old vietnam war (almost), somthing like:

6.) (Assult a NVA strong hold) doesnt go very well and there have been lots of casualties so you have to pull back FAST to blackhawk's extraction zones with charlie closing in on your back.

7.) Defend your Firebase against counter-attack and maybe if you want make the US pull back even more.

8.) A period of relativly no large scale operations and you take a team and search for NVA/VC trouble makers who are attacking convoys and/or encourging villigers to take up arms against the US.

and so on.....

Note: I am not sure of how well it is going to be if you are using SEB NAM nva troops who are obviously outdated, you can atleast try to arm them with JAM weapons and mags since you are using BAS blackhawks anyway.

But still it is your missions and your call,
good luck.

Quang Tri

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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #7 on: 03 May 2005, 19:23:53 »

Thank you for the ideas I think i can surley use that feedback ;) As far as the nva being outdated not so sure I would be so fast to judge that I have a feeling Vietnam still will have farmers fight (VC) and The regulars not so sure they would be any better equipped today than they were then may have newer ak's more armor better more vechicles but i think you would still see sks,,,ak's etc...No night vision for the Nva  ;D anyway I think iwill you sebs Nva Unless somones knows of some better ones ill use them just let me know again thx for the ideas I really am going to take and run with a couple of the mission ideas

Quang Tri

Offline Morglor9

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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #8 on: 03 May 2005, 23:26:09 »
is the term NVA still even relevant? i don't know, but since the north took over the south wouldn't it just be the vietnam army?

Quang Tri

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Re:New Era Vietnam Campaign!!
« Reply #9 on: 04 May 2005, 01:53:08 »
well thats the only troops I know of ??? If somone has made some vietnam govt troops i do not know about it...Anyway im scraping the idea After like i said starting the first 2 missions it is not near as fun as working with the old seb units and area I will be sticking to Vietnam era Missions 1965-1975

Quang Tri