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Author Topic: Lockdown, a Tonal mission  (Read 962 times)

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Lockdown, a Tonal mission
« on: 02 Mar 2005, 23:25:15 »

At the moment I am making a mission at Tonal, and like to have your input a bit.
This is the story. Do you find it plausibel?


After the years of rebellion and disorder finally a balance was settled. The rebels in the west controlled the
jungle, where they could hide easily, and the offical Tonal Government  controlled the eastern part, mostly desert areas with the capital city Tatu.
The Government, supported by the UN and the US imports all their food and materials from several countries.
Tatu, the capital is fallen into a 'no go area' where militia's and local warlords control the city.
For now its unclear where the weapons come from for either the rebels or the war lords.

The US is about to investigate this, since UN isnt likely to do anything. At the moment CIA infiltrants discovered
disturbing news, that the rebels are preparing a massive attack to gain Tonal in one major offensive and decisive battle.
They have stored a lot of ammunition and weapons on one of their bases. They plan to use it and commence the offensive at the same moment that they assinate the official government president. Their final victory, as so is planned, is to overtake the capitol city, and declare a communist state. Oh yeah, they are inspired by Fidel Castro.

The CIA intelligence reports that the most of the weaponary is by Russian make, and the unconfirmed report is that high Russian advisors are already on the island.

Your mission is to destroy the weaponary, to prevent the uprise, and lockdown the rebellion offensive.
Also, prevent the assasin on the president, and elliminate the rebellion leader, if you can find him.
It is also highly appreciated that you elliminate the russian advisors to demotivate their intrusion.


My goal is to make it in one huge mission, one you can play for several hours, or more, just sneaking around, undetected and do your things.
What do you think? plausibel and doable?



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Re:Lockdown, a Tonal mission
« Reply #1 on: 03 Mar 2005, 03:21:55 »
Ya, I think so. Only problem is all the BAS units and islands make sooooo much lag. Well, maybe on my machine ::). Seems realistic. You would need good scripts, and probably lots of cool Delta, fast rope insertions and such.


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Re:Lockdown, a Tonal mission
« Reply #2 on: 03 Mar 2005, 15:17:37 »
Sounds good, i've seen some CIA units somewhere. Flashpoint.cz i think.
What is the exact date of the campaign, i cant remember when the original Tonali campaign was set.
I like the story idea, a good campaign should have a good story I think you could also expand on the reason the CIA would be involved (oil/ trade rights, terrotorial gain)


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Re:Lockdown, a Tonal mission
« Reply #3 on: 04 Mar 2005, 00:34:07 »
CIA dudes:
Needed CIA stuff:
and the BAS rangers, which I assume you have for a Tonal mission  ;)
Hope the links work

Good luck, we need decent missions with BAS stuff.  ;D
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Re:Lockdown, a Tonal mission
« Reply #4 on: 12 Mar 2005, 08:15:16 »
I like it! Tonal is such a great island (variety, cool stuff), and because of the politics, lots of possibilties. This seems realistic. I think maybe you might have to make it a couple/few misisons - not that I don't like multiple (or changing) objectives, but it could be a lot for one.