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Author Topic: A D-Day mission  (Read 1008 times)

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A D-Day mission
« on: 26 Nov 2002, 12:05:32 »
Hi all,

I am planning to do an D-Day mission, on one of the less well known landing sites, as Ohma (think I spelt dat wrong!!!) is the one most often seen in OFP missions. Does any1 know where I can pick up a decent D-day map?? What I plan 2 do, as flashpoints engine isnt really good for huge battles, I am going to use alot of sound effects so it really seems as if many soldiers are fighting, when in actual fact about 30 people will be on each side, but I will of course place dead bodys on the beach, also does any1 know where I can find some decent WW2 soldiers, I know Marcels website, which is well good 4 WW2 addons, but does any1 know any otha sites!!

c ya!