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Possible Game Improvements
« on: 20 Dec 2004, 03:55:18 »
As a combat veteran with many past years of service, I must say that I am very impressed with your game and enjoy it thoroughly.  I have just a couple suggestions that I feel will really improve the game immensely.  

The first would be the introduction of an on board indirect fire system of some sort.  Artillery is such a integral component of modern warfare, that neutralizing it is often of the highest priority.  Also, the use of artillery to screen advancing troops can be invaluable.   Smoke rounds and immediate suppressions could make all the difference in some attacks.  

The next thing I noticed was a lack of a real sight for the M203 grenade launcher.  In the hands of a skilled trooper, the M203 is a great weapon.  The sights the army provides are cheap, but nevertheless very effective.

The last thing that I would like to point out in this post is the TOW Missile system in the Bradleys.   The TOW missile system is wire guided and the shooter can make limited corrections in flight. Either I don't know how to properly use the system or the TOWs I fired operated only in fire and forget mode.

I hope this feedback will be of help to you.  Your game is by far the best I've ever owned.  I look forward to OFP 2 when it comes out.

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Re:Possible Game Improvements
« Reply #1 on: 20 Dec 2004, 05:28:17 »
Welcome To the Forums!  ;D

Let me first say thank you for your years in the service.  My sincere gratitude goes out to anyone who has served.

Secondly, please do look around the editors depot and the addon depot.  There are addons which give the m203 very nice sights and make it easy to use.

The TOW missle system I believe is either an addon already or is definitely in production.

Finally, if you are into scripting, SnYpir's support pack allows the use of artillary, smokeshells, flares, airstrikes, extraction, CAS and much more via your radio.  Here is a link

Again, welcome to the Forums

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Re:Possible Game Improvements
« Reply #2 on: 20 Dec 2004, 12:31:24 »
Part of the reason that there is no artillery in the original game is because there is no real cover.     No foxholes.     Arty is therefore utterly deadly and, when creating missions, must be used with discretion.
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Re:Possible Game Improvements
« Reply #3 on: 20 Dec 2004, 20:18:09 »
Hey there, thanks for your service, anyone who serves is owed a beer or two. :P :)

Check out COC arty, very easy to use in editing. I love using the M270 and the other tank/arty, forget the name but it has a 150-155mm howizter for a main gun.

 Most new addons like BAS deltas/rangers have good sights for the M203. They make firing grenades soo much easier. ;)

As for the TOWs, I think its an OFP limitation that the TOWs are a fire and forget missile. Maybe just the way it s coded... :P
However I noticed that when using the Mi24's AT6 (?) missiles you ususally have to keep looking in the direction of the target, otherwise the missile usually goes astray by a few meters. Not sure why. :-\

Welcome to the forums. ;D
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Re:Possible Game Improvements
« Reply #4 on: 21 Dec 2004, 10:11:44 »
Thanks for the guidance and the warm welcome.  The CoC artillery is great. I haven't gotten the Smoke rounds or M203 yet.  I will work on them.  

I wonder if anyone has thought of making a Digital Messaging Device or a FISTV for the game.   A FISTV is basically an M113 with a special Lazer Designator hammerhead turret.  It allows the user to put crosshairs on the target and press the lazer to get the range.  It is then all automatically fed into the Digital Messaging Device which transmits all the necessary data via digital transmission, rather than voice, to the Fire Direction Center.   This speeds things up considerably.   In the case of MLRS, the info can be sent directly to the launchers.   While in Desert Storm, I had stopped in to the 3rd Squadron 2nd ACR TOC when a couple of immediate suppression missions came in to the MLRS.  A couple of the Battery vehicles were very close to the 577s, so whenever I heard the digital come over the radio, I got myself in position to get a good pic of the launch.  I also timed the response.   I got good pics and the first round response averaged 30 seconds.

The greatest advantage of the DMD is that it allows ammo and mission types to be set up in advance with only the grid coordinates required to start shooting.  You can also set up and name preplanned fires. One really big thing I would like to see in the on board artillery, is the ability to select things like smoke and illumination.  Does SnYpir's support pack allow those rounds to be called with the On Board Artillery?   Making a DMD for the game would make choosing these types of ammunition easier and more realistic.   It would also mean that you wouldn't have to keep hitting enter on a bunch of menus which are actually telling you what you should be doing.   The DMD could be a lot like the radio and you could call it up with a key stroke, just like you do to bring up the Map.  It would also make figuring out the targets grid coordinates and punching them in an important task.  This also helps in realism, because it is the area where most Forward Observer mistakes are made.  A game DMD could be used for voice as well since it's the same information being sent over a radio in either case.  It could also eliminate the need for all the scripts which show on the upper left of the screen while calling a fire mission.  Things such as the dedicated battery could be listed on the DMD's Digital readout screen.  I don't know how it would effect game speed or size, but I would think having all this in a separate routine, that only needs to run a little while actually calling for fire, would really free up resources and eliminate some confusion.

On the issue of foxholes, most modern mobile warfare never gets to that.  I've dug my share, but never actually fought from one.  I did shoot Arty at some though.  In the case of a fire base or prepared defenses, wouldn't it be possible to make the terrain dip in a specific point to simulate a foxhole or trench?  I haven't worked with any of the editors yet, so pardon my ignorance if I'm way off.   :D