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Author Topic: enhancements ideas for coop missions  (Read 916 times)

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enhancements ideas for coop missions
« on: 03 Feb 2005, 11:08:04 »
What do you guys use , think should be used to improve coop missions?
any ideas for scripts n stuff? My friends will be playing them so it would be cool to have some features to show off togheter with new addons  :)
In some missions i use keycats group link script 1.91 but sometimes you want  to get better performance but still use some cool a.i or other scripts  ;D
also i recently discovered a jam hd to jam non hd ammo comversion script that is really cool too  8)

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Re:enhancements ideas for coop missions
« Reply #1 on: 03 Feb 2005, 15:11:00 »
Off topic.  :(

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