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Author Topic: ECP on Linux Server?  (Read 1392 times)

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ECP on Linux Server?
« on: 16 Dec 2004, 04:39:23 »
Hey guys,
  I was just wondering: is there a way to host the ECP mod on a linux server?  I have gotten my Resistance server up and running (dedicated on Debian), but I don't know how to add the ECP stuff.  

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Re:ECP on Linux Server?
« Reply #1 on: 16 Dec 2004, 16:35:56 »
Wrong board m8, but anyway:

Hmm that's one thing we never realised, now that we only have an installer, that is in .exe format, linux servers won't be able to use it. :(

There's a quick and dirty fix:
1. Install ECP to a windows pc.
2. (Optional) GZip the @ECP folder.
3. Copy the @ECP folder/unzip to your linux ofp folder.
4. Runs ofp with the "-mod=@ECP" argument.

I hope it works.
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Re:ECP on Linux Server?
« Reply #2 on: 17 Dec 2004, 15:54:18 »
Well, the server I run is located here:


It mentions nothing about any mods.  I can't simply add the -mod=@ECP, because it creates its own server executable when it is done.  Has anyone had any experience with this, and, failing that, does anyone know of a better forum to post this?  Thanks.

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Re:ECP on Linux Server?
« Reply #3 on: 17 Dec 2004, 20:41:56 »
A better place to discuss this would be on the BIS Official OFP forum: link

That said, the method MachoMan outlined works just fine and I have run OFP+ECP on a Linux machine. In principle, the command line to use is simply
Code: [Select]
./server "-mod=@ecp"(Note how ECP is in lowercase after having run tolower)
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