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Mercenary for hire
« on: 25 May 2004, 13:26:23 »
I know this wud be pretty hard to make but it wud b really gud if it cud b dun.

Character - You play as a mercenary looking for work on one of the islands.

Missions etc - If wud b real gud if u cud say have a choice of who u work for, say u cud go to sum town and look for work with the local mafia or woteva, to go kill sum 1 or get sumthing ( like Ronin the film). You cud go to a gun shop and collect ur weapons and move on in2 the towns lookin for people who want ur services. Maybe once ur reputation gets higher, assasins come lookin for u or people want ur services more.

Sumthing along them lines.


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Re:Mercenary for hire
« Reply #1 on: 25 May 2004, 18:00:10 »
Have you seen Cessena Fun mission? Not exactly what u are asking, but the point is that there will be necessary to have A LOT of units. That causes lag. A lot of lag. Of course, if you want them all going and doing whatever such people do. Maybe it could be possible to make it just in one city, some Petrovice or smthn. I don't know if it reduces lag, when you deletevehicle, when the player is more than some distance away from it, remember position and stuff, createvehicle, when player come back. Could be the solution to the lag, but needs good scripting capabilities.