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Author Topic: Spot the Loonie  (Read 901 times)

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Spot the Loonie
« on: 01 Feb 2005, 02:23:29 »
Here's a mission idea that I've already created, but which needs to be GREATLY expanded to be turned int to something playable.  This mission idea is most DEFINITELY multiplayer only, as you will below !

Three teams.  One team consists of one or more police or garrison units, the second consists of civilian groups all scripted and waypointed to move randomly around a medium sized town.

The third team consists of just one man - a Resistance unit skinned to look just like a civilian and with setCaptive true on.  The police/garrison player must work out which unit is the bad guy by watching him move or by looking closely into his face - a script on the baddie ensures that he always wears a frown and never blinks ! (setMimic etc).

The baddie of course must try to "blend in" with the crowd and act like an AI civilian - trust me, it's as much fun as it sounds.

Of course, once the baddie is spotted he can pull out a weapon, but if he does then setCaptive become false and he's fair game.

I haven't done much with the mission - in fact in my current version the "baddie" is simply another civilan who can be shot by the "goodie".  This of course makes the scores have no sense but what the hey - it's fun trying to fake out the other player !

In one play the gunman methodically wiped out my entire civvie group (he knew that my character had a beard, so every time I respawned my new incarnation had a beard too !), so I played dead among the corpses !  He sussed me out though and popped me just as I was about to stand up and run for it !   :'(

In another version I picked up a rifle from a dead cop (another one of the civvies) and went hunting for the gunman - vigilante force !  I got him by using "Leader View" to hide in building zooming back while looking around town until I spotted him.  Sort of a cheat I know but call it local knowledge if you will !   8)

If anyone could make a more involved version of this mission it would be great - it would make a great Iraq "US vs terorist" style mission.  I am happy to send my simple draft if anyone wants it.


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Re:Spot the Loonie
« Reply #1 on: 01 Feb 2005, 15:16:46 »
or even spot the vampire.