Author Topic: New way to list addons?  (Read 578 times)

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New way to list addons?
« on: 07 Feb 2004, 04:27:05 »
Hey, not really all that importants, but how hard would it be to be able to sort addons by their OFPEC ratings, like in the Missions Depot??


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Re:New way to list addons?
« Reply #1 on: 07 Feb 2004, 15:48:20 »
A nice idea Homefry,

If anyone is familiar with Microsoft Excel 2000 hen you will understand what i will be on about here..

In Excel 2k you can create "Pivot Tables" from a selection of data so that when you choose an option , in this csae it could be, addon maker, rating, date released etc then you would choose the relevant option from a dropdown box (on OFPEC it would be obviously some sort of hyperlinking category) and the table will display all the data that is relevant to that particular option that you choose..

It only an idea but i think it is possible here at the wonderful OFPEC.. if you are logged into OFPEC and go to the Editors Depot, look on the right hand side and you have hte option of hiding or showing the right hand features (Tutorials, Online References etc)... maybe this couuld be the way around HOMEFRY's suggestion?

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Re:New way to list addons?
« Reply #2 on: 07 Feb 2004, 16:11:48 »
Well, they have certain selections, just not sort by rating.