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Unit Counts
« on: 15 Jun 2003, 21:09:51 »
I love combined arms ops. Really, LOVE them. I love treacer flying overhead and DUM shells exploding everywhere, smoke being dropped while another team of US Rangers rappell from a Blackhawk, trying to bring out wounded Marines... The thing is... this can't be done; not with the amount of units oyou would need. I want to make a realistic battle but the unit count just f***s things up.
 I want a way to keep the frame rate high while keeping the unit count high.
I also like to keep corpses around.... So, I;ve got no chance have I. Unless I get a GeForce 10 ir sumfin (or wait 5 years).


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Re:Unit Counts
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jun 2003, 07:21:07 »
Remember, in Modern warfare the rule of thumb is too keep the lowest number of troops in once place while still over powering your enemy.  I have made missions with literally 200 troops on easch side.  But it was spread out along about 6 miles of the island.  SO while the troops where there, it wasn't demanding on the computer because they weren't all on screen at the same time.

Its all about spacing ;).


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Re:Unit Counts
« Reply #2 on: 23 Jun 2003, 14:58:57 »
What I find helps if you're trying to suggest that there's a big old battle going on is using the "combat ambience" sound and camcreating explosions occasionally. You don't always have to go the obvious route.