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Title: question or suggestion
Post by: General Barron on 31 Mar 2003, 00:31:05
  I uploaded a mission to the pending section of the missions depot a while ago (january). Being obsessive as I am, I check the missions depot page almost daily to see if my mission has been reviewed yet. I was wondering, do you guys send an IM/email to mission makers telling them that their mission has been reviewed/posted? If not, that would help people like me from driving themselves crazy. If you do, maybe you should say so somewhere, unless I missed it :).
  Another quick suggestion is that you say if a mission requires OFP:R or not. I know that many reviews say this, but I've downloaded a few missions that require resistance, and the review said nothing about. Yes, there are still lame-arses like me who don't have Resistance :) Mabye you could use the little picture/logos that the editor's depot uses on code snippets.

Title: Re:question or suggestion
Post by: Ex-RoNiN on 31 Mar 2003, 10:46:16
They don't ;)

Get Resistance ;)
Title: Re:question or suggestion
Post by: Kuro on 31 Mar 2003, 14:10:59

two good ideas in one posting  ::) i am really impressed.  The mail to the author is no problem. I will do so especially for the older missions. BTW i could only find two Single Player missions from you submitted 28th February. (Platoon Commander).

I think it will take two or three more weeks to review them (sorry for the delay ) i do my best. I have a good news: All 2002 Missions have a reviewer assigned.

Title: Re:question or suggestion
Post by: General Barron on 01 Apr 2003, 00:46:46
Oh, I didn't mean to sound impatient about my mission being reviewed. Actually, I originally posted it in January, but then realized I had some errors (such as it not working in resistance). After about a month or so, I finally had it ready to post again. Both are exactly the same, its just one only works on resistance and one only on 1.46. I emailed Anmac and had him remove my old version of the mission. So your right, it was posted late feb; its my fault for not properly beta-testing it  :-\

I know you guys have your hands full reviewing, and there are lots of missions older than mine, so I'm in no rush to see mine reviewed. Keep up the good work! :-*