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Title: COOP mission makers/editors needed!!
Post by: vulcan on 22 Mar 2003, 19:14:32
hello to all,

    I am looking for a team of about 5-8 men who would be interested in making coop missions using the BAS addons for an upcoming COOP clan based on the BAS addons this summer. Missions will involve some 25 men for each mission while others can be just for certain squads or practise missions. There is no rush to complete the missions and I need some mission makers.. High skill isnt needed but we prefer some tiny scripting skills that would be useful.

Hopefully some people are interested in helping out, full credit will be given so you can email me at


or add to my msn at forristall24@hotmail.com

thanks for reading and your time,

also if ne one has any good mission ideas they can please reply to this post. thanks!
Title: Re:COOP mission makers/editors needed!!
Post by: Sui on 23 Mar 2003, 01:46:02
Welcome to the forums, Vulcan

I'm afraid we don't allow recruiting in the forum. Please try the Training Depot (http://www.ofpec.com/training/index.php) if you are looking to recruit people for a project.

If you would like feedback on a mission idea you have, please feel free to repost your thread without the recruitment drive ;)

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