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Post by: K-361 on 24 Feb 2003, 04:19:43
Im planning a large campaign /cca 65 missions or more/......
If anyone will have an idea about mission objectives let me now,
pls Im running out of mine.
Post by: Sol Fire on 24 Feb 2003, 04:50:39
lol i get the same problem.. some times anyway

have you tried making a mission where the player is a POW and has to find a way to escape? and if they dont within maybe 15 minutes or so a trigger goes off with "name" setcaptive false to make him enemy again and he gets killed and a trigger around the outside of the prison compound so if the Player tries running out the front gate he gets wasted

i may have more ideas for you later on but right now im busy on my own mission so im kinda burnt out of ideas right now but anyway let me know if i can help you with anything
Post by: O Neil on 24 Feb 2003, 08:21:51

Need any help  :-[

Just wondering

O Neil

PS: o.neil@paradise.net.nz
Post by: Uberminch on 24 Feb 2003, 16:49:55
I love coming up with ideas i just don't end up carrying them out.  :D

Try something unexpected. A bar-brawl that turns into a bloody destructive war throughout the Malden Islands.

If you have editor addon 102 you could try escaping an island by PBR through water mine-infested seas.

Steal someone else's idea. That always works. Especially if they post their mission on an obscure site no one here has ever heard of...
Post by: macguba on 24 Feb 2003, 19:08:16
If you are going to make a long campaign like that you will need themes throughout it, as well as the main plot.    For example, as the front line ebbs and flows you may have to take the same village several times:  each time from a different direction, with different forces, against different enemy, at a different time of day, with different weather, different supporting arms etc.

Another example, when the campaign is finished it turns out that the player will have driven every  inch of road on the island .... but none of it more than 3 times.  

Don't break your back trying to think up brand new ideas, there ain't no such animal.     If you do think you're getting a bit stale, read some decent military histories and biographies and you will find all the scenarios you could ever want.
Post by: K-361 on 27 Feb 2003, 21:10:20
 ;D Thanx guys, something more bigger is coming up...
I will inform you about planned ofp fansite Im working
on to support the campaign....just a few weeks and
1st screenshots will be ready and maybe a sample mission.

You are more help as I thought....