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Title: Mission upload
Post by: tOzzY on 01 Feb 2003, 23:19:35
Hi there, it has been ages since I last visited this place  :-[ but I got back from many travels and decided to pick up mission editing for OFP again. (Don't think any of you will renember me though :D)

Anyway, I had a little question,
Don't know if anyone can help this: I tried uploading a mission in the mission depot, but somewhere half way the process (at step 3 or so) I was asked for my username & pass.
I didn't get any comfirmation that my mission was posted and it doesn't show up in the (pending) section. But when I try uploading it again, it says the file is already on the server....
Can someone delete this file? I'll try and upload it again then..
filename: a_young_resistance.zip

thanks loads all.
It's good to be back ;)
Title: Re:Mission upload
Post by: Anmac on 02 Feb 2003, 07:36:23

We are looking into the problem.

Make sure you are logged into the forums for enough time to complete your submission.

Title: Re:Mission upload
Post by: tOzzY on 02 Feb 2003, 14:06:03
alright, thanks!