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Title: More Missions!
Post by: chrisb1220 on 20 Jan 2003, 23:34:20
I know the reviewers use there own time to review the missions, but I think they should review a little faster. There's some pretty old missions in there. Just a thought.
Title: Re:More Missions!
Post by: Sui on 21 Jan 2003, 01:06:42
Sure thing chris...

As soon as their wages come through I'm sure they'll dump whatever's going on in their lives and review 5 missions a day...

The fact is it's a volunteer system. These guys put in a large amount of work, for no/little reward (They even get hate mail for their work sometimes).

Bottom line: Cut these guys some slack. They deserve it.
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Title: Re:More Missions!
Post by: Anmac on 21 Jan 2003, 06:41:22
Just a quick update...

We are in the middle of slapping some new reviewers into shape.

Once they are ready you should see a better flow of new missions.