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Title: Medic Missions
Post by: Bronski on 16 Jan 2003, 03:53:19
This is not a request for a mission to be made but a request for ideas, suggestions, advice, etc....  I've been learning the ropes of mission making and i thought i would try to make a mission that isn't common.  I will most likely use the NAM pack for this.

Here are some of the idea's i have been throwing around for this mission:

-Medevac with the Huey's.
-Having to rush an injured soldier to the base in a jeep, along the way they are shelled by artillery.
-The normal mission but with some things for the medic to do.

Anyways, any other ideas are welcome.  Or ways to implement medic related tasks into OFP missions.
Title: Re:Medic Missions
Post by: Batdog on 16 Jan 2003, 03:59:23
I made a mission but i never brought it out. (I've never released a mission but I've made tons.)
Back to the point. It's annoying being a medic. Some get shot, not killed they come to you and you both get shot.

The jeep one sounds good. Make a time limit. Depending on how far.

Title: Re:Medic Missions
Post by: Bronski on 16 Jan 2003, 04:15:07
I do agree with you that the medics are annoying.  Most of what i was going to try would be put you in situations that a real life medic might be put in.  The medic actions that are built into the game would most likely not be used.  I definitely wouldn't have you be under fire in the open field trying to heal someone.

I'm leaning toward the jeep driving part with a time limit.  That would rely on a lot of atmosphere, explosions, etc.

That would probably not be the only thing to happen in the mission.  Maybe have the medic pick up a rifle to protect injured men till a chopper arrives.
Title: Re:Medic Missions
Post by: dmakatra on 20 Jan 2003, 19:02:34
The medic function in the game sux, you canÂ't heal whoever you want, and the AI players doesnÂ't walk up to ya until their almost dead.
Title: Re:Medic Missions
Post by: Totibbs on 24 Jan 2003, 16:20:22
Maybe it will be fun to make a mission in a forest.

There are 2 squads in that forest, when hell broke out. Lots of art. explosions.

You are the medic, so you must go in the forest - avoid the art. and help the wounded man (wounded by script?)

Maybe Band of Brothers part 6 will help... Battle of the Bulge... which doesnt mean the time must set in 1944... only to give you an idea about eXplosions... :)
Title: Re:Medic Missions
Post by: dmakatra on 24 Jan 2003, 16:43:50
I havenÂ't seen BoB episode 6. The f*ckin channel put that in halt in two weeks so they can show their bloody sport. Grrrrr.
Title: Re:Medic Missions
Post by: Bronski on 24 Jan 2003, 19:41:25
Actually that episode of BoB gave me the idea for it.  I had missed when when it was first aired on HBO but i finally got to see it when i got the BoB DVD for Christmas.
The idea for the jeep mission was an episode of MASH.

If i do have you, as the medic, actually go help soldiers it will be scripted.  I've always found it stupid that the game makes the wounded soldier crawl to the medic.  

I'll the missions something like The Tradition '69, Tradition '44, Family Tradition '93, etc.....

The year would be for whatever time period it is set in.  Every main character (medic) you play in each of the mission would be related (Grandfather - father - son - etc.)  And each mission would have a subtitle giving an idea of what the mission is about.

I'm working on learning camera scripting, and i have been trying some things to create some atmosphere in the missions since sometimes you won't actually get to shoot stuff.  Though in the missions set in more recent times you will carry a gun.
Title: Re:Medic Missions
Post by: Eviscerator on 24 Jan 2003, 21:58:20
i would go with the dustoff mission, there were some amazing feats of bravery done by the pilots of dustoffs, i think a couple got medal of honours, do a quick search on google and youll find some stories that maybe you can use for inspiration