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Title: Training Missions
Post by: WindsorTheater on 14 Jan 2003, 19:01:17
Anyone out there want to make some training missions for the various complex and in depth portions of OFP?

- Sniper Training
- Heli Training
- Tank/Armour Training
- LAW/Rocket Training

By training I mean maps and objectives that are very easy and descriptive giving the user a grasp of what they're supposed to be doing in this huge 14x14km game.  

I'm not one for scripting - but a "training" mission pack would be a good thing to hand off to noobs and probably increase teh OFP fan base considerably...maybe I'll learn the scripting, but I figured something like this may already exist?

Title: Re:Training Missions
Post by: .pablo. on 15 Jan 2003, 03:32:43
the best training is practice

training missions are generally made to teach someone how to use something, but in ofp its pretty straightfoward.  unfortunately a lot of the concepts used in real life couldnt be put in ofp or had to be simplified because they are too complicated (for example the physics of a tank and how they cannot pull 180s)

i am making a sniper-training-mission-set-thing but i take forever to do stuff since i only work on missions when i feel like it.
Title: Re:Training Missions
Post by: Robbo on 15 Jan 2003, 05:05:54
I know Phantom was doing a pilot training campaign, but i'm not sure how completed it is.
Title: Re:Training Missions
Post by: registered_fugitiv on 15 Jan 2003, 12:32:06
hey if i were to do this i would make a fort say Fort Benning, GA (Home of the Infantry). this would be good for most of the training areas listed+alot more. but its just a thought
Title: Re:Training Missions
Post by: Foo on 15 Jan 2003, 16:01:00
IM making a series of sniper training missions to train my OFP clan....mail me at


If your interested.

So far i've made:
-A 1km Sniper range(nogova)
-Concealment training(malden)
-A live mission...kinda a sniper arena, where my peeps actually play each other

And ive got more coming down the line....
Title: Re:Training Missions
Post by: Black_Feather on 15 Jan 2003, 17:15:10
I saw a sniper training mission in the Avon Lady's MOM a while back, she rated it pretty highly.
Title: Re:Training Missions
Post by: Phantom on 15 Mar 2003, 15:28:49
yeh, still doin the manual, just been REAL slow about it, almost finished, but i dunno if i'll finish it, i might just get it in the editing depot and then let other people finish it off