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Title: NAM campaign
Post by: Stalker on 16 Dec 2002, 16:39:17
The forum policy sais "No recruiting at the forums". OK. I agree. So everybody to the Training Depot (http://www.ofpec.com/training/index.php) New entries should appear soon so you can become one of the team.
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: Stalker on 17 Dec 2002, 10:08:23
We have command engine. But we won't make campaign such realistic. Max of 5x5 platoons
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: Ottie on 17 Dec 2002, 11:19:52
Is it necessary to do the complete Battle of La Drang in one mission. They want to make a campaign, so I think it is possible to create the Battle of La Drang.
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: Skaven on 17 Dec 2002, 12:24:35
Guys this topic should have been locked from the beggining, but keep the discussion on the kind of campaign and how to do the missions and it stays unlocked  ;)
And Stalker don't open more threads like this mate  ;)
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: kevinfostereditguy on 17 Dec 2002, 18:06:12
i dont know much about vietnam, but when you say your gonna need 120 suqads i dont think adding all them at onceis gonna be a good idea, how bout a few missions where you are part of different squads and restricted to certian areas, it is a campaign after all and i think oyu guys are just thinking of it as one mission
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: Stalker on 18 Dec 2002, 10:42:40
2Skaven I'm not recruiting. Just directing everybody to TD(http://smilies.sofrayt.com/1/r/approve.gif)
2All Why to make a campaign from only one battle ? There will be a lot of missions (like AirCav patrols etc.)
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: O Neil on 19 Dec 2002, 06:45:07
OK stalker, someone on your side for a change. ;)

It's good, I tried it myself....couldn't be bothered :(

Anyhoo, I guessed that you have like, 5 (Or however many) choppers come down to drop you off, and there are like, 3 platoons that get off at the same time as you. Then you a DESIGNATED an area to defend and make sure to keep it busy, cause all you need to do, is put 10 (approx.) guys on the other side, almost outta veiw, to make it look lke there are some guys there and the rest under a tree or something.

Sounds dodge, but uness you wanna have 2452454325 platoons in the game, it's be better than that.

Just a suggestion.

O Neil

PS: soz, didn't read your thread.
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: sim on 03 Jan 2003, 00:04:18
Good idea but theres already a NAM campaign under construction called operation Vietnam. How about we were soldiers instead?
Title: Re:NAM campaign
Post by: Commando on 15 Jan 2003, 12:27:04
Hey There's a reson why there's a mission editor. To make missions and campaigns or just fool around having fun  :)

If people want to make Vietnam campaigns then let them do that, if people want to make jackass campaign let them do it... :P
Ofp is a free and expanding community that is almost in its gold years by now I think. Many cool stuff comes out that people said 1 year ago was impossible to do or so just look at the fighter jets and the b52 beta bomber plane... Its great stuff that comes out and development is happening every day. There was many mods when ofp first came out but they cut those projects because the teams didn't like the lack of mod support from BIS but now when there's o2 and wrp edit and ofp anim I think that we haven't seen the tip of the ice berg yet. :D

And I would be interested in trying a Vietnam campaign that uses Seb nam pack 2.0. Im making some multiplayer missions with the seb nam pack and its really great. I wish there where any cool multiplayer missions that uses almost all of the stuff in that addon pack... I have made a cool coop mission where 3 seals are going to escape from Vietnam and they are trying to escape with a boat and its really thrilling feeling when you drive in 76 in speed and try to avoid having the boat blown or your head shot off by mortar fire and machine gun fire from the beaches. ;D
Btw I'll post the mission to beta testing missions later today.