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Title: LZ Albany
Post by: Wires on 28 Nov 2002, 07:45:22
How about a mission about LZ Albany, 17 Nov 1965. Very fierce large scale infantry battle with US arty support and CAS so the extras in the mission could be really good. Could be done with an accelerated time line or just a part of the battle. I would do it myself but I am too busy with the ADF Mod. Just about all the info you would need is right here....

Title: Re:LZ Albany
Post by: rdragongaming on 01 Dec 2002, 20:35:13
As I said in Orion8th's post (about Vietnam missions)

I would be willing to make a large campaign about Vietnam seeing that there is quite a push for something of the sort...

I would need some help from all of you gamers and such here on the boards!

BTW, excellent idea wires, LZ Albany is an ideal setting for a NAM campaign.... might be what we use if we can get enough support for the idea.  ;D

- The Grunt
Raging Dragon Gaming