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Title: Negotiation and confrontation scripts
Post by: ChumyXD on 21 Apr 2013, 22:09:06
Lets supose that you have, for example, a civilian/west/east/resistance unit with a weapon. Normally, at this point, you have to kill him. However, he still doesnt have equiped his gun, and one of the objectives of your mission, is to take him alive, or, if necesary, neutralize him. This is where my "Negotiation" and "Confrontation" scripts enter in action

How it works
The negotiation script, has 4 possibilities (which can be changed at the user choice). Three of them, will result in a insult or a comment from the unit we are trying to make him surrender. The other one, will make him surrender, and put his hands in his head. On the other side, the confrontation script, has 3 possibilities (Which also can be changed) One will make the unit surrender, like in the previous script, but the other two, will make him unholster his weapon, and open fire against the enemy units that he considers.

OFP Version
I used OFP 1.99 version (Also known has ArmA CWA) for testing the script. I dont know if it will work with any other versions

Additional comments
This script is really simple, however, i expect that i manage to help someone. I dont know if there are another script similar or with the same function than this one. Also, excuse my english, im mexican. Have a good day
Title: Re: Negotiation and confrontation scripts
Post by: nicserpiente on 02 May 2013, 05:04:51
Nice script, mabye use this in police misions with civilian  ;)
Title: Re: Negotiation and confrontation scripts
Post by: andywt on 04 Feb 2019, 17:25:49
If someone has these scripts, please can they post a link.