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Title: Co 12 Operation: Pestilence Rain v0.1A
Post by: Iceman77 on 12 Dec 2011, 17:30:49
(http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/2177/pesrain.png) (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/546/pesrain.png/)

Operation: Pestilence Rain




Pestilence rain is a small coop designed for 1-12 players.You're part of a CDF mechanized infantry patrol squad known as Xray,stationed in the north part of Chernarus, sent to assault the soviet airbase up north while it's slightly undermanned.The Soviet main forces are concentrated around chernogorsk atm, allowing your small mechanized squad to be very effective against this key priority location.
scripts by Iceman77
3rd party scripts include the F2 framework weather/time startup parameters
requirements: Arma2


•3 objectives (randomized) - There are 2 static, priority objectives when the mission starts.Eliminating the Soviet main power supply (wich will be at a random location) & securing soviet mission plans located in the flytower (randomly placed in the fly tower).In addition, one totally random new objective/location will be created during the mission.

•Armed Mobile Respawn - Your team is given a non respawning BMP2 as an MHQ.Once it's destroyed you will respawn at the initial start point if you die.Take care of it.

•Soviet reinforcements - Elite soviet paratroopers will be enroute if you are spotted.They will randomly pop smoke.Aswell as seek and destroy your team.

•Base alert (alarm) system - Initially the base will be in safe patrol mode.Once spotted, patrols will be in alert mode, engaging you and/or keeping an eye out for you while patroling.

•Randomized patrols - Each time you play the mission, you wont know if certain patrols exist, what type they are (man,wheeled,armor) or how big the patrol groups are.

•Randomized objects - Each time you play the mission, the airbase object layout (eyecandy) will differ.

•Mission startup parameters - weather & time

Extract the .pbo file to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Please report any issues to me via PM/reply here or Armaholics.

I apologize for the initial buggy release, after some newfound knowledge I have reworked nearly every aspect of the map interms of scripts.The server vs client scripts have been redone and should work properly on a dedicated server now, making this map what i intended instead of a failure  .In addition i have added in a couple light vehicles for the players to use and the ability to deploy and stow an ammocrate from the MHQ.Also, a new bodydelete script was implemented, players will now keep weapons that they had on death.Version 0.4C will be released soon.
Title: Re: Co 12 Operation: Pestilence Rain v0.1A
Post by: Variable on 11 Mar 2012, 13:21:11
Hello Iceman thanks for making this mission. I would like to test it on the Comrades in Arms (http://ciahome.net/) coop server, however, your post doesn't seem to include a download link.
Furthermore, I wanted to ask if respawn could be switched off for it in its settings?