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Title: DM 2-20 ENDGAME v0.90
Post by: laggy on 10 Sep 2011, 23:45:06

Public 0.90 beta version

Mission description: A massive DEATHMATCH mission with many parameters and interesting features, such as High Command, Artillery, Airstrikes, Covert Teams, Live Feed - Video Link function etc. You will fight over oil resources, perform assassinations, destroy scud launchers, attack and defend insurgent hideouts, and much more.

ArmAII-Combined Operations version 1.59

Needed Addons: None.

Known bugs: None.

Thanks to: All of you at the OFPEC forum.

Credits: Nominesine for serious playtesting and inspiration. Kegety for his "spectating" script.

Missiontype: DEATHMATCH
Players: 2-20
Mission Time: Probably some hours
Island: Takistan
Mission Version: 0.90 (public beta)
Intro: No
Outro: No
Parameters: Yes (many options for replayability value)
Time: Paremeter option based
Weather: Good

Important: Read the briefing carefully.

Missionwork: This is a huge mission which give players countless options in tactics and strategy. Many parameters are used, which adds replayability. The High Command Module is a crucial element and you control 13-15 groups of all types, Infantry, Armor, Air, Covert etc. Kegety's "spectating" script works as a "Live Feed - Video Link" and can be used for checking how your friendly groups are doing in realtime. Works very nicely, I think. Custom sounds, dialogue and scripts.

Contact: tolaggy@hotmail.com

Hope you enjoy it. My wish is that I've created a fun mission, and feedback is always welcomed.