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Title: [MP COOP] 10 - Operation Axis - Takistan
Post by: Cloughy121 on 10 Sep 2011, 19:20:03

This is my new COOP mission.
Operation Axis

Download Here (http://www.garycorp.com/arma2/missions/2-10_C-OperationAxis.Takistan.rar)

2 SBS Teams on the hunt for a BM-21 site in the hills.

It needs 2 human player as group leader, and as many as you can get as the team.
You may get away with 1 human. Mission wont break. No chance to test in SP.
See readme for known probs, and issues.

I am releasing this as v1.00 (it wont get re-released next week with school boy error fixes in it, ie 'Update:player didnt have any weapons', as you see every day when ppl release un-tested missions), but i would say that if you find any probs or bugs let me know. It has been in beta test for a long time.
But on the final beta test everything worked fine.

Anyway enjoy!


More Arma2 Missions by me (http://www.garycorp.com/arma2)

More ArmA Missions by me (http://www.garycorp.com/arma)
Title: Re: [MP COOP] 10 - Operation Axis - Takistan
Post by: Variable on 20 Dec 2012, 18:51:31
That one was a hell of a mission! I loved it. Played it on the CiA coop server with a full complement of players. Was a hell of a ride! Action packed and interesting. The battle over the extraction point was unforgettable.
Thank you Gareth! I wish to see more of your work (we have your two other missions on the server but still haven't completed them).