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Title: OFP for Mobile Phones?
Post by: Aldo15 on 07 Aug 2011, 23:15:34
Hi all

I saw a thread where it says there's a special version of Ofp. It's for Mobile Phones. Is that right?
I've written that threat.

Bohemia Interactive Studio has informed on their website in their new
projects section that they are currently developing a special version of
Operation Flashpoint for Mobile Phones!

It is true that more and more PC games are proposing a mobile phone
version of their game, to allow mobile players to play they favorite game
everywhere. Two versions are being made, a Java version and a more pretty
one for Symbian phones.

This is why Armed Assault will be unfortunately delayed for at least 4
more months. Actually this decision is not so that surprising, we already
know that the BIS programmers are up to new challenges, after all they
developed an improved version of OFP for XBox console and its low end

Main features:
Controlled by camera (by tilting the phone)
Multiplayer for up to 6 players over bluetooth
Simplified mission editor
Two 4 x 4 km islands
Control a squad up to 9 players (1-9 keys)

Title: Re: OFP for Mobile Phones?
Post by: Zipper5 on 08 Aug 2011, 03:33:59
... That was an old April Fools joke done by OFPr.info (http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9687&newlang=eng) in 2006. ;)
Title: Re: OFP for Mobile Phones?
Post by: Aldo15 on 08 Aug 2011, 03:50:20
Oh my God! I'm stupid  :banghead: ... If you was read that threah in my language, I had understoodc.  :dry: