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Title: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Variable on 21 Apr 2011, 20:36:00
Breaking Hercules
(http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5067/5647132578_93fe1f9fff_z.jpg) (http://www.flickr.com/photos/variablecia/5647132578/)

Author: Variable
Version: 0.5 (alpha state)
              0.7 (alpha state)
Required Addons: None
Mission Description: October 2014, Chernarus, World War III. A battle weary Spetznaz team operating behind NATO lines is tasked with disrupting a tactical nuclear warheads delivery by infiltrating NATO airbase and destroying a C-130 Hercules cargo plane.
Features: Includes primary and secondary objectives, uses bright night script, offers several options to completing the mission, all of them will hopefully include many stuff blowing up :)
Known Bugs: None at the moment
ChangeLog: First alpha release, no changes yet

This is a mission I started working on a year ago, and had to stop due to lack of time. I am returning to it now and hope that with the help of OFPEC will be able to complete it. I will appreciate any help with ideas, suggestions and guidance through the process of finalizing the mission.
Currently the briefing is almost complete, and the setup of the airbase elements, the reinforcements and the involving triggers are also complete.

I mostly need help with the following:

1) Setting the end triggers.
2) Creating an appropriate intro.
2) Setting an extraction with two Hind gunships from the middle of the runway.
3) Adding some Russian voices that include team leader communicating with his Russian operator (female). I still need to record some native Russian speakers.
Title: Re: [MP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Variable on 24 Apr 2011, 23:41:53
First post updated. Iv'e uploaded a newer version. Some triggers were fixed and now the extraction choppers should work almost ok :). Currently, there are two Hind extraction choppers, one for each Spetznaz team. I don't know if this is wise though since I don't want the players to start thinking which one is "their" extraction chopper...
Any ideas on this issue? I don't want to use the Mi-8 Hip because I like the Hinds and they can rain some fire from above on their way to their extraction point.
If you are downloading the mission please let me know so I could inform you the minute I update it.
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Variable on 28 May 2011, 19:46:46
New version 0.8 available (get it from first post). The Briefing is almost done. Only one briefing issue remains: I want it to include an image but it turns out all white. How can I fix this?

Note: I used
Code: [Select]
this allowDamage false for the Spetznaz team for testing purposes.
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Denz on 31 May 2011, 09:13:11
Okay, gave this a run through in SP. I admit I had to cheat and used Loki's Masterkey to have any chance of completing it as when the enemy armour arrived there was just not enough AT weapons available- I'll go into more detail during the report.

Tested on CO v1.59, SP with no addons (apart from Masterkey); Veteran Difficulty
Your mission file is called Spetsnaz Airstrip not Breaking Hercules - actually your mission file is called Spetsnaz%20Airstrip - because you have a space; it's best to use an underscore rather than have a space in a filename and that goes for any filename.
Also, add a readme to the mission download.

I'm not sure what help you want with the Intro? Is it the basics like camera scripting?
Even though they were written for OFP SNYPIR's Introduction to camera scripting (http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index.php?action=details&id=54&game=OFP) andMessiah's Camera Scripting (http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index.php?action=details&id=50&game=OFP)
are still very good tutorials to teach you the basics. There is also a video tutorial created for ArmA
Mrsarkey's video tut (http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index.php?action=details&id=562&game=ArmA)
I haven't viewed it since it was released but I do remember it being pretty comprehensive.

If it's ideas, how about having activity around the hercules with the (I take it the warheads are in crates?) crates being loaded or just prepped prior to being put on board. One trick I like doing is using the ModelToWorld command to position a crate inbetween two walking AI to look like they are carrying it - have to take into account distance and angle to camera to make it look right.
Use animations like "assembling" on people to create the impression the plane is being worked on and/or the crates are being checked. Maybe a pan across the airbase showing the objectives with a little movement in the background also helps. A quick shot of the player's squad stalking (walking slowly) toward the starting point maybe rearming and checking equipment at that hideout but I think in MP it's best to keep it short.

Pretty good, plenty of detail which is good - I like a good detailed briefing. Although some of the paragraphs in the Notes rambles a little and could be streamlined.
Couple of typos:
"take some rest" > taking
"that exist" > exists
"way to cargo plane" >
"to your discretion" > at your
"perimeters" > perimeter   - I know a little petty  :whistle:
"vehicle core" > I'm not sure if that should be corps or whether the line should read something like
the core of their vehicles

No gear selection and the equipped weapons are a little strange with only one RPG18 and two satchel charges (both AI equipped). For a mission set across a wide open airstrip I, personally, would like a scoped weapon preferably a variant of the AK74 PSO plus an AT launcher of some kind.

Maybe add a countdown timer for the goal of eliminating the hercules.
Anyway, ran toward the objective and took out the small patrol camp on the run only stopping to put out the fire, can't leave a fire untended on grassland after all besides I didn't want to be silhouetted by it.
First task was obviously the hercules and ordered 5 down to plant satchel charges alongside it while the rest of us tried to deal with the arriving enemy including one really annoying grenade launcher equipped HMMW who peppered the entire area with grenades. After dealing with the immediate threat, I began moving my guys toward the hangers but upon reaching the first one I realised I had no more satchel charges and no AT Launcher to take it out. A rifle squad moving across the runway provided my squad with two M136 launchers but wasn't enough for the job at hand. Quit playing!
<Restarted with Loki's Masterkey just for additional AT Launchers and satchel charges>
Followed exactly the same approach as before except I managed to eliminate that damn hummer a little quicker. Didn't need to blow the hercules up as it was destroyed in the crossfire - it was the only cover available. As I headed toward the hangers again I encountered an AAV7 who again blasted me with it's grenade launcher - I was getting tired of this.
Made my way down the line of hangers clearing out ground crew and planting charges by the airplanes as I went. About halfway down I got the hint about approaching armour, I was now able to give most of the squad AT weapons but I still had to take the squad the other side of the hangers for cover while manoeuvring to take them out. Headed as far as the pilots compound before coming back to the control tower.
At this point with every task complete except the "shoot down gunships" task (I had taken out an osprey with a particularly skilled shot with an M136) the Hinds arrived to begin the extraction where they came under fire from two HMMW Avengers and a renewed infantry assault from that end of the airstrip. The Ka52 (it was only 1 I think) dealt with the cobras and assisted with taking out some of the surviving ground vehicles. Two Ka52s would have been better and would be an appropriate escort for the Hinds.
Got the squad on board one of the helos but the mission wouldn't end. I like how you thought to put an LZ guard out to surround the Hinds which I thought was a really nice touch!

Add weapons crates with AT Launchers, AA missiles and satchel charges maybe in a couple of trucks rather than just having crates on their own or have an ammo bunker located on the SE of the hangers to make it look a little more realistic.
Have the extraction helicopters called in by the player via the radio preferably with an added task and condition check that the two HMMW Avengers are destroyed first. Could take that further with artillery or a sweep by gunships prior to the extraction just to make sure the LZ is clear.
Use a switchtrigger to change the behaviour of the ground crew and other enemy soldiers once the battle begins even as got halfway down the hangers there were an awful lot standing around just asking to be shot.
End trigger, well one way would be to run a check on the players squad to ensure they are all aboard the helicopter. Something like:
Code: [Select]
(vehicle _x == _hind) count (units _group) == EAST countSide (units _group)should work. I'd check the syntax though I if were you  :whistle:

Debrief typos:
"let the hercules to take off" > let the hercules take off
"Empirialists" > Imperialists

Well apart from the lack of heavy weapons forcing me to cheat  :dry: I really liked it, it was damn hard even in this testing phase. I don't play MP at all but I can imagine that it would be well received as it is a challenging little shooter with some good thought to layout and plausible tasks.
The mission works really in SP though and will be even harder than MP, hopefully without being frustrating.
Is this part of an ongoing mission series? Are the others available for testing?

Anything you specifically want help with just shout and I'll try to help but, as I said, MP is not my thing and that goes for MP editing in general but I'll try.
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Variable on 01 Jun 2011, 10:35:59
Denz, first of all, many thanks for your thorough analysis. For a starting mission maker such as myself, it is very helpful :) I doubt I will manage to make that a part of an ongoing campaign or a series in the near future due to a severe lack of time but I like creating OPFOR missions, and have many ideas so maybe I will have a nice pack eventually :)

I was surprised you find the mission playable! And I really glad you enjoyed it. I thought that it's not even in an alpha state, that's why I gave it a below 1 version name, didn't include any readme or changed the default weapons loadout of the Spetznaz team. Anyway this was a nice surprise.

About mission naming - how is it possible to rename the mission file? Can I just rename the folder name through windows? Will it work? The name as presented on the game is changeable through the "intelligence" section, if I'm not mistaken. Please correct me if I'm wrong…

Thank you for directing me for the intro/outro manuals and instructions, I will use those.
I liked your idea of doing an intro that shall include activity around the Hercules as if it is being loaded with the nukes. I understand it requires some use of animations, I had no luck mastering animations before in my previous "Bitter Memories" mission, but I hope to manage to use animations now as I think that it will contribute to the suspense a lot.
I fixed all the typos in the briefing, thanks for the corrections.
I even managed to finally put an image of tactical nukes on my briefing by converting the image to paa format.
Did you notice the vehicle depot on the briefing? I put it there as an option for the team to take control of NATO vehicles and use them against the americans... ;)

I was surprised to find out you managed to destroy the tanks! My intention is to create a timed armoured enemy response that shall prevent the team from completing the mission if they take too long. I still need to time their arrival though to allow the team to complete the mission. I want to keep AT weapons scarce and maybe available only after destroying the Hercules (contradicts my ammo weapons convoy idea, I know) because I want to force the team to be in satchel-close distance to the Hercules. Why? Because it's cool :)

You gave me an idea though. What do you think of adding a lightly protected convoy close to the team's starting point  that will include  some weapons and some launchers? I could hint about it on the briefing and direct the players to ambush it and steal the weapons…

I think I will add an additional Kamov as you suggested, more buzzing helicopters overtop always add to immersion.

Can you think of an alternative for manually calling the extraction by the player? I don't want them to take the time, and I want the mission to be a high-paced-no-paused action.

About the ground crews, I triggered them to run at full speed to the control tower once the Spetznaz are detected . I didn't think of that they will just stand by the control tower waiting to get shot. What do you mean by changing their behavior by switchtrigger?

Thanks again for testing it, although MP is not your expertise I could still use your experience since I am still a novice editor.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Denz on 06 Jun 2011, 21:26:05
Hi Variable, well I did have to cheat to complete the mission. Anyway to answer your questions;
About mission naming - how is it possible to rename the mission file?
Yep, just right click and rename your mission folder (in My Documents)

You gave me an idea though. What do you think of adding a lightly protected convoy close to the team's starting point  that will include  some weapons and some launchers? I could hint about it on the briefing and direct the players to ambush it and steal the weapons
Nice idea, if it were me I'd maybe make it look like another plane/helicopter being loaded or unloaded to explain why they are there at the end of the runway but then I always think the little details are important  ::)

Oh near the starting point, yes that could work, maybe have them camped out for the night. Unless there is a road somewhere nearby - I can't remember the geography off hand right now.
Can you think of an alternative for manually calling the extraction by the player?
Well, you could it link to the HMMWV Avengers so that once they are destroyed the player is notified that the extraction helicopters are on their way. Those Avengers would make short work of any helicopter attempting to land after all.

About the animations I can send you a file as a demonstration of how animations can give a little life to an Intro/cutscene if that will help show how they work.

Did I miss anything? Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for the next version.

What do you mean by changing their behavior by switchtrigger?
Now, I'm not sure if they didn't react properly as most of the groundcrew were still wandering around the hangers.
So I'm not sure a switchtrigger would help. But a switchtrigger is useful when you have a unit following one lot of waypoints then when a specific event occurs they change to follow another set of waypoints. As they aren't armed though it may be best just to have them run to safety like you originally planned.
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Variable on 26 Aug 2011, 14:50:18
Hey guys, I still intend to finish this mission, I haven't abandoned it. Just need some more time and help on my hands and I'll get back to it.
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Variable on 28 May 2015, 15:54:45
Admins, is there anyway to recover the mission file from the first post? I would like to finish this mission but the download link is broken and I don't have it on my disc anymore.
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: h- on 29 May 2015, 06:51:59
Unfortunately no, most of the attachments (if not all) were deleted in the last site wipe-out we had.
So unless someone has that file in their archives it's forever gone.. :(
Title: Re: [COOP/SP 1-10] Breaking Hercules
Post by: Variable on 07 Oct 2015, 09:00:04
Found it! :)
OP updated with a file attachment.