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Title: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: haroon1992 on 30 Sep 2010, 16:59:18
This is the completely rewritten version.
With many improvements and bug fixes.

(It's still NOT mp compatible!
and I need assistant on converting this into MP,especially making sounds play on all clients is a real hard thing for me now.)

All the infos are inside the readme and the scripts themselves.

You just need to download.


Customizable Zombie Simulation v1.1.zip  :
v1.1 of CZS without example mission.Please read the CZS_ReadMe under "CZS_Documents" to get started.

CZS_Example.utes.zip :
The example mission for CZS.
Copy to "Documents\ArmA 2\Missions" folder and play/preview from the Editor/Utes, no additional steps required.

Here's the features section of the read me and the change Log  :

N E W    F E A T U R E S

z The zombies hunt intelligently and responds fast to victims.
z You can't fool them by running into water!

z They will not chase helicopters and aircrafts!
z And they will flee from tanks too!

z Unlike other z-mods,
  you will not get harmed by zombies that you've just run past quick enough to reach 5m away from him before he attack.
z They'll attack vehicles from realistic positions!
  (Though this still has some minor issues!)

z They can damage small vehicles and make you get out!
z They are ranked! Which means the more powerful the zombie is, the more score you'll get by killing it!

z They'll flee from objects that you can put in the arguments, the fear objects!
z They'll flee to objects that you can also put in the arguments, the zombie homes!

z The fleeing mode can be specified!

z The victim shoots the zombie if he has weapon.
  Gunners will also engage them.

z The vitims flee from the zombies in the realistic way(thanks for mandoble for this!).
z And vehicles flee too!

z Plus there are many other options to customize the simulation to meet your needs

In fact , there are other things which are not described here, cause they will make the text too long!

(A completely deep features section will be provided in the next version!)

Change Log :

Code: [Select]
v1.1 (This version)

Major Changes :
        - The whole simulation only weights about 344kb!!!
- Performance Issues from previous versions resolved.
- CZS now runs faster and smoother.
- "Hz" is changed to "CZS" for ALL global variables.
- Names of the vars are a bit changed.
(eg. Hz_Shoot is now CZS_Enable_Shooting)

New :

- Multiple Zombie Homes are now available.
(A zombie will flee to the nearest zombie home.But if another home becomes
nearer to him than the first one, he'll switch to that one and will flee to it instead of first one.)

- Actions Debugger
(Shows how many zombies are doing a specific action.
Shows : Zombies Now Hunting/Fleeing/Attacking/Eating and Victims Now Shooting/Fleeing)

Advantages Over Older Versions :

- Zombies are more brutal.
(Unlike previous versions, you will now only have a success rate of 2 out of 10 attempts to run across a herd of zombies, even with the fastest speed!)
- Victims now intelligently flee from the zombies.
(The faster the zombie is, the further the victim will flee from it.)
- More globally customizable options.
(This also means : more any-time customizable options)

Disadvantages Over Older Versions :

- Lesser individually customizable options.
(This also means : lesser customizables via Editor)


Fixed :

- Animals are also becoming zombies due to wrong classname check.
- Zombies getting stuck when near a dead victim who is inside a vehicle.
- Replaced nil with _nul/_dump for executing the scripts.
(Thanks to OFPEC thread for the correct usage of nil)

Bug List (for v1.1)(Any bugs reported will be added to the buglist, any bugs being fixed will be strike-throughed.)

Code: [Select]
- Zombies will not chase player if he is not moving.
- Zombies are attacking choppers even when they're in air.
- Zombies are going prone when they heard gun-fire.(I still don't know how to fix this issue :(  )
- Zombies are too weak.
- The sounds can be heard even from a mile away.(I still don't know how to fix this issue :(  )

Important Features that lacks in this version :

Code: [Select]
- There is no infection/spreading system.
- Advanced victim fleeing (flee to nearest ally,nearest base,etc)

Title: Re: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: haroon1992 on 07 Oct 2010, 18:14:52
No replies ?

OFPEC has transformed into a desert these days.......  :confused:

I hope you guys get back on-line soon.

Title: Re: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: Wolfrug on 08 Oct 2010, 21:27:20

Both your files contain .exe files. Please re-upload them as appropriate (e.g. either as pre-pbo'd mission files or better yet "open" .island extension folders that can be edited). No-one is going to run dodgy .exe files just to install a script or an example mission.


Wolfrug out.
Title: Re: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: haroon1992 on 10 Oct 2010, 11:00:01
The .exe files were removed. Now its in ZIP format.  :good:

Yes, .exe files are a very dangerous ones, especially for the ones with Internet connections.

Thanks for your advice Wolfrug.

Title: Re: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: Wolfrug on 10 Oct 2010, 18:52:59
Thanks haroon - will give these a try soon :)

Wolfrug out.
Title: Re: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: ZapBrannigan on 11 Oct 2010, 08:23:01
its pretty ok, except for 2 things, 

the zombies will not chase you if you don't move. make sure you update the chase loop on its own, not just if the player movies.  because sometimes if i run the stop then take a few steps to the side, the zombies will go to that place then just stand there looking at me.

2.  The zombies have some serious AA capabilities.  I flew over in a helicopter and they "shot" me down.
Title: Re: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: haroon1992 on 12 Oct 2010, 12:47:24
Thank you for your bug report. (Bugs added to bug list)  :)

The zombies have some serious AA capabilities

My old hard-disk (about 4 years old) died yesterday. And thank god I've got all the zombie files in my mem stick.

(I am now searching the web to see if there's any method to make a dead harddisk to become alive again
as it contains tons of addons that I've downloaded with many difficulties.)

As the harddisk is out, I will not be able to upload a newer version for a while.

Title: Re: Custmizable Zombie Simulation by Haroon1992
Post by: Mr.Peanut on 14 Oct 2010, 15:12:11
http://www.grc.com/spinrite.htm (http://www.grc.com/spinrite.htm)