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Title: co9 - Castle Day
Post by: Lightspeed on 25 Jul 2010, 02:07:03
Author: Lightspeed
Version: Castle Day v1.4
Required Addons: Vanilla Arma2

Mission Description: Trying to recreate Ghost Recon-style of mission - several objectives to complete in any order using the Ghosts.  Objectives today are to infiltrate Russian Command Post at an old fortress and secure intel as primary objective.  Secondary objectives require Ghosts to disable a Communications Station and destroy a mobile SAM site.

Trying to put together a simple GR-style template so I and others can knock up dedicated server compatible GR-style missions quickly.
Norrin's Revive currently set to 2 respawns max - will probably pull back to one only after testing.
UPSMON - for patrols and fortifying.

Known Bugs: none known at present.

ChangeLog: releasing here for beta-testing at v1.4

I have just tested this from start to finish on a dedicated server and it works properly - now that I know this I will make some enhancements to it.  still interested in comments though.
Title: Re: co9 - Castle Day
Post by: Lightspeed on 30 Jul 2010, 18:58:34
well this is working - 16 views no downloads.   :good:

not to worry thanks anyway.

i will look at some of these other missions coming through.