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Title: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: Lone~Wolf on 20 May 2010, 00:16:27
Okay, I'm looking to apply my talents as a zombie modder and mission maker to some Multiplayer missions.

And I was looking for any fresh ideas out there for what I could do.

I don't want anything unoriginal such as: oh, lets go and go from town to town killing zombies. Or lets sit in this town killing zombies coming at us.

So please post your suggestions and I will work my fingers to the bone to make them work if they are worth it.

Good luck, You'll need it!  :cool2:
Title: Re: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: haroon1992 on 20 May 2010, 05:06:27
That's totally great!
I am also working on a zombie script....well, just script!

I hope you are a professional at scripting and multiplayer-scripting..

If you have free time to spare or are willing to contribute, would you please join me?

I need help in advancing my zombie script....as well as making it multiplayer compatible.

From your words,"a zombie modder", you must be planning to make an addon instead of scripts like me.
If there is any help necessary, don't hesitate to ask me. (though i think you are better than me)

I hope you are not type of man which reflects his nick.

Title: Re: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: Lone~Wolf on 20 May 2010, 11:08:49
Hey Haroon!  :D

It's really nice to see someone looking into starting their own zombie stuff.

I always personally detested the fact that zombies used addons so I am trying to make the most user-friendly (to implement) zombie scripts possible. I have a year or two's experience in making zombies so go ahead and add your script as an attatchment to your next post and I promise to take a thorough look at it!

I'm more then happy to help you on the condition that you return the favour: Soon, I will be posting The Village, a multiplayer co-op zombie mission. Please take the time to download it and try it out with your friends.

        Lone~Wolf  :cool2:
Title: Re: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: Krieg on 21 May 2010, 20:49:05
One idea:

CIA has gathered some valuable intel on top-secret Soviet research outpost developing new chemical weapons that could have devastating effect on NATO invasion of Nogova .
Player, alongside his 3 highly SpecOps comrades, has been ordered to move in via chopper insertion into the Soviet outpost.
The first part of the mission would be classical clean-sweep and place a few satchel charges 'n' blow stuff up kind of mission, whilst on the second part, featuring the extraction things would get interesting. Player would board the chopper, which would, en route to NATO base would mysteriously loose control and crash near Soviet research outpost. This is when zombies make their first appearance. It turns out that chemical that Soviets were making, designed as terror weapon, reanimates dead tissue of humans, but also "deletes" any consciousness that previously inhabited the body. Turning humans back to animalistic instincts as well as making them more aggressive. Player has to find his way out of the Soviet compound and back to the NATO base, surviving on ever decreasing quantity of ammo and ever increasing number of zombies.

I suggest, if you are going to follow this idea, that you use Agent Smith's addons to make Soviet research compound.

Hope that helps,
Title: Re: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: haroon1992 on 24 May 2010, 10:49:52
That's great Lone Wolf!
I have the script ready and here it is...

The zip file is a mission, and that mission is the example mission of my zombie script.
Just run it and see how the script do the things...
and open the Haroon Zombie Scripts folder to see the necessary scripts.
(Sound folder and description.ext are also necessary to properly run the zombie scripts)

I've also added my old sqs version of the script that is known to be perfectly working,(unless something happen with the download)

The missoin is in-complete and it is WIP.
This version is not the latest version ,(the latest version is unreachable at the moment),but I am sure that I've added just a few features to the latest version.The problem still remains.

All the script's features and informations are in the pack.
I have some problems in making the zombie script .
here is part of my thread posted on the Conspiracies Forums :
I've always want help...
here is my problem :

there are a bunch of objects named :
home1,home2,home3 and so

Those objects are the objects to which the zombies will flee if they encounter an object or unit that they are afraid of.
(for example if zombie1 encounters searchlight1, he will flee to either one of the home objects)

I have written a Function (Script) which will return the distance array of the objects from the zombie.

for example ,

nil=[zombie1,[home1,home2,home3]] execVM "script.sqf"

the result will be an array,

array= [24,50,100];

The numbers are the meters. and home1 is nearest to zombie1.


-how can i detect the lowest number in the array
-how can i check the object of that lowest number. (in this case, the object of 24 or home1)

-if the object is identified i want to make zombie1 DOMOVE to the object(_x) in the array, how can i select the correct number of the object from the array?

(In this case, it will be zombie1 domove getpos ObjectsArray select 0 )
Title: Re: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: Lone~Wolf on 24 May 2010, 19:05:14
Oh dear, huge apologies but I forgot to specify that I only work in OFP.  :(

Therefore I don't understand the ArmA 2 scripting language. Perhaps if you asked around some relevant boards you might find the help you needed.

        Lone~Wolf  :confused:
Title: Re: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: haroon1992 on 26 May 2010, 08:22:44
So you've been talking about OFP....
Well I have ofp and I am making a mission now too....

(Though it is not certain that it will be released onto the community...
The mission is intended for my brother)

No prob, Lone~Wolf

Maybe I could contact you if I found some problems with my contact mission,right?

Title: Re: Fresh ideas anyone?
Post by: Lone~Wolf on 26 May 2010, 13:17:35
Sure, sure, post them and I'll see what I can do for you.

I'm only human remember so don't go losing sleep if I don't get back to you immediately.  ;)