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Title: Mission Types - The list
Post by: NightJay0044 on 19 Mar 2010, 01:46:18
Hi guys me again this is in relations to my past post.

I came up with ideas and was just messing around the types of missions and categories they can be under.
Here is my list, any member feel free to post as many ideas you can about the types of missions that could be out there i'm sure mine is just a handful.

Types of missions:  


Assault & defend
Search & destroy
Capture & hold
Armored Assault
Armoured assault & defend


Search & Rescue
Insert & Blow up
Infiltrate & Recon
Solo recon
Halo and seize
Title: Re: Mission Types - The list
Post by: Krieg on 19 Mar 2010, 07:41:45
I think you could add "Naval Assault" to the list.
Maybe also "Chopper Assault" and also "Aircraft Assault".

Maybe also add another type, "Strategy" (missions like "The Uprising" and "Take the Airfield")?

Title: Re: Mission Types - The list
Post by: Denz on 19 Mar 2010, 08:07:24
My two cents;

Air Strike - could be acting as either a pilot or Forward Observer
Meeting Engagement - when two sides (usually armoured) slam into each other while on patrol.
Patrol ;)  fighting patrol or recon
Tank Hunting - possibly covered by Patrol. A unit locates an enemy armoured unit's lager or refueling area.
Amphibious Assault
Relieving action not sure how the military would term it. Basically battling through to an isolated outpost
Escort - a convoy otherwise it's just a defend mission
Sniper - either assassination or operating on the flank of an assault.

How about manning checkpoints? Might need to check on this but I think that would come under a Saturation Patrol

Insert & Blow up
how about Asset Denial

Not sure if Guerrilla warfare would have it's own terms but
Hit and Run
Asset Acquisition - stealing equipment and vehicles

edit 2:
Thought of some others
SabotageEither destroy something or I always wanted to make a mission where one of the objectives was to "poison" one of those water towers on Sahrani.
Escape & Evasion Escaping custody
Prisoner/Hostage Rescue
Intel Gathering Computers, most missions I ever plan out have the player hacking a computer somewhere but can just as easily be rifling through a desk or reading cargo manifests on trucks or crates

A mission can have just one of these facets or combine several of them. I planned out this mission a while ago and like so many others I never got around to finishing it. Infiltrate an enemy base (Stealthily - mission changed if spotted) and place a tracker unit in an enemy ammunition truck. Then using a tracker script, follow truck to main supply depot and blow it. Has a little of everything.