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Title: Any walkthrough for [OFP] Abandoned Armies 1.4?Please.
Post by: seeniya on 12 Feb 2010, 13:51:08
1st sorry for my eng.Its really not good.

Of course this is a awesome mission im very thaks for the the authors.
This missions content are very abundantly.And i have several question when i finish this mission few times.

Fist. When rescured fist civ team. One of girl ask me help rescure her mother and sister. I try this many times but when i reach hondan only have a solder there and tell me the women have been travel to chapol (That bad police leaders Command center)...when i clear chaotan ready go upstair his office .The bad police shot to the women. I never can rescure them..how to rescure the two woman ??

Second.There have a group of civ in the forest right side of La Trinite.But i reach there. all of them dead.Can those civ be rescure?

Third.There have a PV3S truck under the hill near Houdan and servel civs bodys.The caption what Alix say seems them can be rescure.but how?They are too far awary to me and i have no idear how to get here quickly.There have too many enemys.

Fourth.Is this mission still have any other side missions I have no found can do?Please tell me.Thanks.

Title: Re: Any walkthrough for [OFP] Abandoned Armies 1.4?Please.
Post by: THobson on 14 Feb 2010, 13:34:15
I answered your email before I saw this.  In case anyone is still interested in this mission here is the text of my email reply:

I am so pleased that you are still enjoying the mission after so many years.

I tried to make the mission as realistic as I could, so bad things happen that you can do nothing about.  Even when people finish the mission successfully I wanted them to have some feeling of sadness.

First:  It is not possible to save the two women in Chapoi.  One of the people who tested the mission spent many hours on the hill near Chapoi to see if he could snipe Stamenov (the police chief) through the window of the building.  It is not possible because I spent many hours making sure it could not be done.

Second:  It is not possible to save the civilians in the forest on the east side of La Trinite.  When you rescue some of the other civilians you are told that there is another group "but we lost contact with them".  I fear they are all dead at the start of the mission.

Third:  It is not possible to save the civilians in the truck near Houdan.  When Alexei says things like "we should have got here sooner" or "why did we not get here sooner"  he really means a lot sooner, months sooner. By the time the mission starts it is too late.

Fourth:  I am impressed that you found the woman in Dourdan without being told about her.  However she will only be awake if you go to see her after you have been told about her.  I provided the player with the ability to reorder the team.  When you reorder the team they say things to you.  One of them tells you about the woman in Dourdan. Incidentally I put all the soldiers in the middle of the group (position 2, 3 ...) and the civilians and medics on the edge of the group (7, 8 ...) where the should be safest because they are further back.

Other side missions:  There are no real side missions, it is up to the player to decide what he is going to do and how.  The only objective is to clear the island, but I did put in somethings to help add to the atmosphere of the mission:
There is the woman in Dourdan (you could say that this starts a bit of a side mission).
There is a prison camp in the south east of the island where you will find a medic, and he will join your squad if you do not already have a medic in it.
In the intro movie there is a woman being taken to a barn where there are some bodies.  That barn exists in the mission and if you go there you will find her body.
There is a prison in Chapoi holding civilians from the nearby village.  You might see them try to escape.  (The woman in Dourdan also tells you about these people)
Have you tried taking your squad into Vigny?

I wrote a long document describing everything there is in the mission.  You can find it here:

But you should not read it until you have played the mission again and this time woken the woman in Dourdan.

I think I did put the Abandoned armies spoiler here at OFPEC but it seems to have got lost.
Title: Re: Any walkthrough for [OFP] Abandoned Armies 1.4?Please.
Post by: seeniya on 14 Feb 2010, 20:09:33
Im took 2 hours read that pdf whit a dictionary. :D

After i finish my reading. Now i be convinced of its really a awesome mission.I know why someone say never will meet a mission like this again. :good: :clap:

If more pl join this develop group and  help make this mission. Its will more unrestricted and unfeigned.For example Alix will not be shot immediately when reach any civ team befor mountain cutscence. Mabe Alix confabulate to the soldier but the soldier say I dont know you or i dont believe you so you must leave or ill shot you etc. And if this mission could rescule more civ if Alix get to them befor the soldiers. :yes: