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Title: The Red Grinder II - Suggestions?
Post by: Krieg on 09 Jan 2010, 11:38:10
As you might know, I am working on sequel of The Red Grinder (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=241). I can say the mission is WIP (well in production) and is nearing beta-stages. I would like suggestions on what new to add to the mission. I am focused on solving problems that were criticized in original The Red Grinder, like for example, fact that player has no control over Red Wolf after he/she orders them to move out, or mission being too short, etc. So, I might be too focused on some things and overseeing others.

Current Mission Idea: This time player is faced with much larger challenge. He must conquer entire Eastern Peninsula of Nogova. Almost all towns are under control of either Nogovan National Army (represented by Resistance) or USA. Soviets were at brink of victory week ago. Then NNA in desperation allied themselves with USA. Americans were glad to ally themselves with NNA, remember what you did on Everon.
Red Wolf will be much more useful tool this time - You will have direct control over them via Dialog-based command system. You will face situations like 'you ordering Red Wolf to charge at enemy frontally while you hit enemy town from back' commonly. If you do not conquer town in one attack, do not worry - Call in artillery barrage, since you'll have 3 available. You do not have pre-designated order of conquering towns - you can conquer them in any order you want. You can charge at Lipany from beginning, or simply decide to take out town of Lukov firstly. It's all your choice. Enemy AI will respond to these attacks by repositioning it's available units, to places it expect you will hit next, and send tank patrols to take you down.

Please let me know that you think about this idea, and feel free to suggest me some improvements/new things!  :good:

Thank you,
Title: Re: The Red Grinder II - Suggestions?
Post by: Krieg on 17 Jan 2010, 16:05:32
No suggestions yet? I can't believe that my idea is that perfect. ;)

Anyways, if anyone is interested, mission is almost done. I just have to finish Lany and Lipany, script AI responses, and that's it!

I am still open for any suggestions, though.