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Title: M136 AT, SMAW and Dragon
Post by: ZachHox on 09 Nov 2009, 09:08:54
Hi Mando,

How can I make 3 M136 versions using the Mando Javelin missile doing 3 different things?

1. A simple unguinded AT missile just like the regular M136 only a straight line to target.

2. SMAW, Guided M136 alike the javelin only fired straight forward and having a LaserDesignator Sight.

3. Dragon, Laser Guided Missile, most likely the Mando Javelin, which I can manually guide using my LaserDesignator and I can maneuver the missile in mid-air and manually guide it to a target.

I want max 6 missiles per unit, and him able to reload as well and without it using up any "gear" space of couse. What I would most of all want is to combine the LaserDesignator with the M136 and actually use the LaserDesignator aim to fire, target and laser.
The unit must however be equiped with a M136 and LaserDesignator.

I have a fare good idea how to make it but not exactly how to combine in script and all, I've been looking through the help pages, mando missiles, gun and stuff.

I was hoping Mando or someone else could tell me or help me to do that. :D