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Title: Using ACE units/weapons
Post by: ZachHox on 01 Nov 2009, 16:45:48
How can I use the ACE units and weapons without it changing all my settings, background pictures and gameplay?

I tried copying some pbo's but each one needs something else and eventually it changes things in the game nonetheless.
I wanna combine it with my own missions and mods and stuff but without running it or without the changes it brings with it, only the units.

Title: Re: Using ACE units/weapons
Post by: Gnat on 07 Nov 2009, 02:20:40
Hi ZachHox,
ACE is a true "replacement" Mod so I think what you are asking is near to impossible.
Title: Re: Using ACE units/weapons
Post by: ZachHox on 07 Nov 2009, 17:30:47
Yea that is too bad :D. I did come a long way though by isolating pbos, the hard way but still.
Its still not absolutely satisfactory, changes the stock weapons, replaces or adds some tracers and the M1A2 TUSK is off kinda :D. But other than that it works.

I do get an error at the start about the RBIB turrent something though. But I can't find ships at all in ACE so I don't know which pbo that would be.
I did manage to get rid of the UI. But its still not as I like.

Is there no way to export units from it or something like that? That would be much easier, or do I have to take that apart too :P.
Title: Re: Using ACE units/weapons
Post by: Gnat on 09 Nov 2009, 11:06:03
Youre dabbling in areas where no one typically goes (ripping apart a Mod), so can offer no advice.
Title: Re: Using ACE units/weapons
Post by: ZachHox on 09 Nov 2009, 19:15:43
"Dabbling", is that a good thing or bad thing :D? No, I just wanna use some of this and combine it with something else and make it as I like, thats all.

But if you don't know, alright.

I would just suppose someone obviously would have used ACE and stuff from it as like a standalone version or just stuff from it in combination with his own stuff and without ACE changing everything.
Obviously someone must have done that, many people as a matter a fact.

But, thank you very much and I will leave it at that.
Title: Re: Using ACE units/weapons
Post by: Aries144 on 23 Nov 2009, 18:31:17
This is exactly where I got my start in modding OFP back in the day. :) I'd really like an element of a mod, like the weapon models or a new feature, but I'd hate the way they had modeled recoil, or weapon damage, etc.

You're going to need to download a PBO packing and unpacking utility, an "unBin" utility, a good coding program like Microsoft Visual C++ is an excellent help because of it's color coding and ability to search all the files in a directory for a specific phrase (although you can get by with Wordpad), whatever modeling program is used for Arma (it was oxygen for OFP), whatever texture converter is used for Arma, and then learn how to use them all.

Pulling just the weapons and soldier models out for use in the game isn't that hard. Easiest way would be to write a simple mod of your own (if you can find a simple weapon addon mod that also comes with a new soldier, I'd look at that and use it as a template). Basically, you'd need to put the ACE mod's PBOs in your addon directory, write your own mod that references the models and/or also the weapon mechanics they wrote (or you could use your own weapon settings), and then pbo it and run it.

Good luck!