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Title: Tips for Beta Testers
Post by: bedges on 01 Sep 2009, 09:19:42
What To Do

Beta testing involves just two steps:

Why Do It?

It helps missions get better, and it can be lots of fun.

Mission development can be a complicated process and it's sometimes difficult for an author to see the mission with fresh eyes. Since each new player will approach the mission in a slightly different way, beta testing helps to uncover potential flaws in a mission before it's packaged as a final release.

In this way the quality of missions released to the Community is maintained at a high level.

How To Do It

First, read some other posts on the beta boards to get an idea what others are doing.

The level of detail you go into is up to you. Bear in mind the purpose of beta testing is to help the author find bugs and improve the mission. If you find something wrong with the mission, give some details.

It may help to cover the basic areas of the mission in order, eg. overview, briefing, cinematics, gameplay, scripting, final thoughts.

Above all, be constructive.