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Title: What is dyno and how do I use it?
Post by: jat goodwin on 20 Jul 2009, 02:09:51
I started playing with that 3D editor a few days ago, but getting the script it makes to run properly in the 2D editor is a small hassle and you can't see it until you preview it, but I mostly use it for the pre-built bases and stuff anyways, and I noticed that it uses this "dyno" module or something.

Anyways, I was wondering how I can use the dyno stuff in the 2D editor, or get stuff from the 3D to show up in the 2D editor, or both.

For those confused as to what I'm doing:
I make a mission in the 2D, then go make something in the 3D. I take the SQF file it generates and remove the last 3 lines then put it with the 2D mission file along with a init.sqf telling it to run the 3D sqf.

Also while I'm here could somebody explain what all the different sqf files that can go in the mission folder do?