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Title: dumpConfig, 0.95
Post by: Worldeater on 20 Jun 2009, 08:58:17

Denisko-Redisko came up with a version that's way faster (http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=35236.0) than this one.

Here's a new version of the dumpConfigTree script (http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=33089.0) for ARMA 2. It contains a (very) simple wrapper mission and writes to the RPT file (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/arma.rpt).


2009-06-30: dumpConfig.sqf 0.95
- added workaround for diag_log's strange handling of strings containing percent signs (reported by Squelch)
- minor corrections and changes

2009-06-20: dumpConfig.sqf 0.94
- renamed dumpConfigTree.sqf to dumpConfig.sqf
- code clean-up
- added simple wrapper mission

2009-05-30: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.93 (unreleased)
- removed ArmAlib requirement
- broke compatibility with ArmA by using ARMA2's new "diag_log" statement
- changed default behaviour to intend the dump with tabs instead of spaces

2009-04-03: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.92
- added missing instruction to the README (noticed by kju)

2009-03-09: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.92
- fixed the wrong brackets for subarrays (reported by kju)

2009-03-05: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.91
- fixed the wrong/missing brackets for arrays (reported by kju)

2009-03-04: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.9
- initial release
Title: Re: dumpConfig, 0.94
Post by: kju on 20 Jun 2009, 10:21:59
Thanks a lot.  :good:
Title: Re: dumpConfig, 0.94
Post by: Squelch on 20 Jun 2009, 10:24:41
You must read minds. This was sorely needed just over an hour ago.

Thank you sir.
Title: Re: dumpConfig, 0.95
Post by: kju on 01 Jul 2009, 14:51:12
As always.  :good:

A very essential tool. Thanks WE.  :clap:

Made a regex to format it nicely:
formatConfig.pga (http://dev-heaven.net/repositories/changes/cmb/configs/A2/formatConfig.pga)

Perl regex. Pga is config file for powerGREP. Would be great to have it for linux tools too.  :whistle: :)
Title: Re: dumpConfig, 0.95
Post by: kju on 24 Apr 2010, 15:36:15
Attached again as the attachment above is no longer available.
Title: Re: dumpConfig, 0.95
Post by: kju on 14 Oct 2011, 07:19:06
Here is an autotest version of dumpConfig:

You need to adjust the pathToArma in the batch files and put this autotest folder in the arma directory.
You can also adjust the modfolders, if you want addons/mods to be included.
Finally renamed the "Besitzer" (owner) folder to your windows account name, if you want to use its arma2oa.cfg
settings or create a new folder there and copy the file into it.

More on autotest: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma2:_Startup_Parameters#autotest