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Title: (Review Completed) [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 25 Jan 2009, 22:16:17
Title: Night Stalkers
Author: Schaefsky
Mission Version: 1.0
    See attachment.
A nightly combined spec-ops / infantry assault on Rahmadi.

Gametype: SP
Required Game/Patch: ArmA 1.14


- Added: "MOVE" waypoints for troops in chopper, choppers should actually land now at mission end.
- Added: Radio static sound for radio messages
- Changed: Radio message text from "cutText" to "sideRadio"
- Changed: Add relevant radio messages dynamicly, now only one radio message at a time.
- Removed: One enemy postition on airfield, AI failed to spot enemy reliable causing airfield to not tick off

- Fixed: Various typos
- Bugfix: Changed added magazines from "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag" to "30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD"
- Added: Launch some flares on detection for enemy AI defence
- Added: Markers for Bravo and Charlie squads' positions
- Added: Some more enemies
- Added: Gear selection
- Changed: Player group does not start in boat at mission init to allow gear selection (?)
- Changed: Radio menu text
- Changed: GameLogics to empty markers; some trigger areas; global variable names; waypoints;
           init.sqs to init.sqf; removed debug hints; edited Briefing details to be hopefully more clear

- Bugfix: Third radio trigger was not set to "Switch" type

- Beta release


The first (?) mission of my W.I.P. campaign.
You are Squad Leader of a 4-man-team Special Forces squad, and lead / coordinate a combined SF / regular infantry attack on Rahmadi.



EDIT: Updated to v0.3

You may edit, copy, release etc. anything in / from the mission, but please note the following:

For further information please read also : http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?s=9c50db2ecbb6d466c222e1aeb271b528;act=ST;f=67;t=77048 (http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?s=9c50db2ecbb6d466c222e1aeb271b528;act=ST;f=67;t=77048)

Now before rising any expactations, there isn't a story developed, the missions I make have VERY basic intros, if at all, and mostly no outros. Also no cutscenes, etc. think you get it. But I think some of them are fun to play. I always wanted to finish and polish them so I could release them, but for various reasons I never did.
So, I thought I'd do it like this:
I will release some of the stuff I made as WIP (work in progress), so people interested could give me some feedback.
And, most importantly, I would like people to get involved with the missions to polish them up. (This goes for mission stuff like objectives etc. but especially to all you movie makers out there to maybe throw in some well edited cutscenes and the like).
Essentially something like an (cooperative) open-source mission editing process.
I will give full permissions to edit, copy, modify etc. anything about the missions and scripts, but I would like to ask not to start releasing edited versions right away to avoid a mess. Suggestions for a due process for this are also very welcome! Also I would like to have the right release something like an "original editor's cut", a state of the missions I especially like. And finally I would like to be mentioned in credits where it is due.

Thanks to Manzilla for pointing me here!

OFPEC Download (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=195)
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: Manzilla on 25 Jan 2009, 22:33:01
Nice to see you over here. It's a great place to put missions and get some serious feedback. I'll check this out soon. I just gotta finish up playing a few missions I had to start over when the new ACE patch came out.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: Denz on 28 Jan 2009, 11:19:48
:welcome: to OFPEC Schaefsky, A new guy with a mission is always a welcome sight ;)
I read your post over on the official forums so if you have any other missions then just post them too and we'll get round to them.
Anyway on with the report...
v1.15b; Veteran Difficulty with Durg's Vegetation Fix and ArmA Effects

To be honest I don't think much of the picture. I know it's a night mission and as such it's hard to get a decent shot but something a little more dynamic would look better.
"nightly mission" > night mission

Now this is how I like a briefing to look, well laid out with individual sections and with the objectives on the first page  :good:
You might want to expand on the radio commands though, at first I wasn't sure if by "signalling" the rest of the troops a flare was gonna shoot up in the air and blow the mission. Maybe use contact or radio to avoid any confusion. Also a map marker would be a good idea to mark Bravo and Charlie's position as I was at a loss as to where they were after radioing them (to be fair I was making toast and coffee at the time but the point is still valid) so I could time the explosion just before the assault.

A couple of typos to correct;
SITREP section
"nightly assault" > night
"main land" > mainland  -- and in the Target section
"insterted", "vincinity" > vicinity
Target section
"oncomming" > oncoming
"implicates" > implies
Friendly Forces
"4 men Infantry squad" - a little picky of me but it should be 4 man Infantry squad

Oh that cutscene with the boat in the moonlight looks fantastic.
Good job on getting the boat to come right into shore.
It took me three attempts to get this first part right. First of all I set the charges around the comms tower and after my first try where I just got slaughtered in about 30 seconds afterwards I tried the same thing but with slightly different fire arcs for my squad members.
I placed my men along the Northern edge of the highground just to the North of the Comms tower but with my no. 2 and 4 positioned so they could cover the base at a 60(ish) degree angle.
As I was positioning my squad a couple of enemy soldiers came through my backyard after dealing with them with the silenced M9 there followed one of those gritted teeth moments as I waited to see if the alarm would sound.
As the patrolling UAZ approached the far end of its circuit I radioed the follow on troops to begin their assault, then when the UAZ passed the comms tower I blew the charges trying to take out the vehicle at the same time but it never worked.
After ordering my squad to open fire and lobbing a few M203 grenades into the base the following friendly troops were passing through my position and sweeping all opposition aside. I still had a real hectic minute though before they arrived which accounted for me needing several goes at getting it right. Would you believe it, it had to be one of the last shots fired and it kills my number two - my only casualty throughout the whole mission.
I took the time to grab some hand grenades from a dead SLA and ordered my two guys into a compact column and to hold fire before heading around Rahmaid to the South East. I encountered one lone enemy rifleman on the road - another M9 victim for about half a clip of pistol ammo  ::)
The town looked dead so I radioed Bravo and Charlie to begin their attack while I circled around to the coast.
I then made my move toward the town and engaged the handful of enemy soldiers there. Only the one with NVGs made a fight out of it though and before long I could see the advancing friendlies accompanied by a couple of gunshots.
Then ordered back to the airfield - I got a couple of hints at this point "en2" and "arrival" which I take it are checks while creating the mission.
Job Done!

It would be a good idea to add a couple of savegames - one after the initial landing and another after clearing the airfield objective.
The patrols around the airbase were good and the ones that came along behind me were a welcome surprise that got my heart racing for a bit. I'd expand that a little to make the airbase feel more alive instead of having a bunch of guys stood around. A good trick is to teleport some guys into the entrance of a tent or building.
While I like the fact that the enemy were able to fire and manoeuvre (to the usual AI degree). An airbase should have some prepared positions and spread them out over the airbase so all the action isn't concentrated at the one end.
I think adding a light source in the centre of Rahmadi would not only look better but give the defenders some chance. Use the lightAttachObject (http://www.ofpec.com/COMREF/index.php?action=details&id=642) command. Here's an example for you to play around with the settings
Code: [Select]
light = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal position this;  light setLightBrightness 0.1;  light setLightAmbient[0.0, 0.0, 0.0];  light setLightColor[1.0, 1.0, 1.0];  light lightAttachObject [this, [0,0,3]]The town of Rahmadi needs something more. There would certainly be guards down by the jetty and they would be on the alert after hearing a firefight a few hundred metres away. Some of the airbase soldiers seemed
to have quite a high skill setting whereas the ones in Rahmadi were pretty dumb - might just be because they couldn't see.
The town of Rahmadi needs a surprise of some kind to really test the player and round the mission off with a bang.
Maybe use an addaction and have a tent/shed that you need to grab some intelligence from just to stop it being a kill everything type of mission.

Looking forward to the next version  :yes: Mission making is like that, a never ending process :)
Also, add a screenshot or two to the zip folder.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: Worldeater on 28 Jan 2009, 16:25:06
Some (heavily biased and terribly cold-blooded) comments:

If the first part of the mission is about stealth and I am a special forces guy with access to the finest guns known to mankind then I wonder why I carry an unsuppressed rifle with a frigging grenade launcher? Last time I checked grenade launchers and stealth were diametrically opposed. Sure, there's the suppressed Beretta but it's almost useless at distances beyond 30m and airfields are usually a wee bit larger than that. I was somewhat glad when I heard that one of my guys that carry those nice M4A1 QDS died. There would have been a friendly-fire incident otherwise...

BTW: You're adding supersonic ammo (30Rnd_556x45_Stanag) to these guys. Shouldn't it be 30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD?

Securing the town:
After driving the captured UAZ(MG) to the hills east of the village I took out all the resistance from there. I expected another patrol or two from the east and/or the south but they never showed up. I agree with Denz: there should be more.

Apart from the IMHO bad choice of weapons I really like it! Jefällt mer, jeet ab! :good:

Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 29 Jan 2009, 03:29:37
Thanks for your feedback!

Update in progress, taken from changelog:
- Fixed: Various typos
- Bugfix: Changed added magazines from "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag" to "30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD"
- Added: Some more enemies
- Added: Gear selection
- Changed: Player group does not start in boat at mission init to allow gear selection (?)
- Changed: Radio menu text
- Changed: GameLogics to empty markers; some trigger areas; global variable names; waypoints; init.sqs to init.sqf

- Some random movement in the basecamp
- Lightsource for flares or both for AI defence
- Markers for Bravo and Charlie squads' positions

I had put your names to points you pointed out, but it started to get a little excessive already, so I just plan to mention you in the credits if that's okay with you.

I'm not so sure about spreading the action about the whole airfield because it might lead stumbling across some 500 meters or so without much cover to "hunt the last loons".
Maybe I could balance it out so one could at least watch some friendly AI mopping up, but that would probably just rise even more problems.
Not sure yet what to do with it.
I was somewhat glad when I heard that one of my guys that carry those nice M4A1 QDS died. There would have been a friendly-fire incident otherwise...
Yes it always makes me feel a little bad though it's just a computergame. "Sorry man, but I really want to have that gun"  :scratch:
Think I have addressed that with the gear selection, though the M4s don't automatic get either of the 30Rnd Stanags in the magazine slots when you pick them. Has that something to do with the 20Rnd ones are first listed in the weapon info?
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 30 Jan 2009, 19:25:56
Hi, here's my opinion.


IMHO, the overview picture was just right, displaying a lit camp and the full moon.


The Briefing was very extensive, which I like a lot because it is a welcome change to BIS standard briefings. Oops, I forgot to look for a weapons selection.
The version number should be displayed in the readme and not in the notes section.


Nice scene of a moonlit insertion, looking good.


As I began the mission I cursed my oversight with the weapons selection, because I had a unsilenced weapon as default kit. Anyway, I was supposed to not make any noise, and I succeeded to sneak up to the tower, leaving my lads behind. Back to the hiding place, and the tower goes up in a bang.

Immediately afterwards, I signalled for the assault force to land, and the ensueing firefight was interesting, because some loons came in from behind - scary stuff!
Together with the assault force, the airfield was quickly cleared, with me and my squad going after some runaway enemy loners.

This was followed by the assault on the town which was a bit short, compared to the airfield. I just shot a few guys, my support troops moved in on my command, one of them shot another loon and then I was redirected towards the airfield, where the mission ended.


Short scene about the newly captured airfield.


The "assault Ramadi" objective did not tick off, yet the mission progressed without a problem.


There could be a bit more to the Rahmadi objective, but otherwise it's a nice mission.


Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: savedbygrace on 31 Jan 2009, 05:27:27
Heres my input pal,
Pic was not an exciting one but atleast it depicted the time of the assault
Text was okay but not mission specific to the point of reminding the player what the mission is about


Well laid out with plenty of Info slots but.....
Insertion section: Links with markers pointing to the players insertion point would be good.
Target section: Linked aerial pic of the comm tower would be a good heads up.
Friendly section: Links with markers to friendly forces start and insert points would be good.

No weapon selection? Specops are trained well enough to know what they need for which missions.

Nice opening scene.
I like the insertion point and the approach to the primary target that you chose.
Patrols were good although the alarm should not raise if two guys are dispatched silently when they are not in sight of the camp...add a delay for that alarm that would imply patrol checks periodically
Enemy aircraft seemed to be too close to one another with no posted guards.
Objectives were nice and tight with no heavy distance to traverse between them.
Create saves after each objective for veteran players since the infinite savegame is not offered to them, no one likes replaying the same portion over and over again.
The town was nothing and needs more attention as far as unit placement and reaction.


Add some cinematics and beef up the enemy's stronghold of their supposed outer defense and you got your self a winner.
Oh, at least add some stealth weapons/ammo to the boat as an option?
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schuler on 31 Jan 2009, 16:15:59
hi, i had this one downloaded and did not play the new version,  :(
i will leave you with this on the previous vers, and well play the new ,,, for sure ,,, good mission ,i had fun

Nice camera work! Short and sweet!
Briefing : overdoing info a bit
Good work on gear and timing with boat and good landing at beach
Radio a bit muddy but ok , understandable with keypad 0-0-1 ect. Very nice work with the radio obj's, but could be explained better in the briefing, had to figure out the order of how to command rest of the platoon on the assault.
Signal landing then blew tower with take airstrip with my men on the beach all ready to go.
"good stealth mission" took me I bit to figure this one out.
Airstrip taken, but still fighting ,,,, good work!
Launched a few m203's into the tents at the airstrip. Still in fire fight, fun!
Lots to shoot at into the town, a script of" x < number of men join player" at this point would be nice, as I would like to know how many men I have. But I have all of the men from my unit still alive.
Town taken, in hint box message of en2 ?!?!?!?!? " is that your notes"
Chopper arrives , smoke to the south, boarded chopper and don't go any where, just hover.
Last obj secure town did not tick off.
Ended the game.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: NightJay0044 on 31 Jan 2009, 20:23:21
Hi schaefsky;
I just played your mission. It's good for SF mission.

A lot of info.  Not too much either..straight to the point.

Mission:Placements of soldiers were great, taking the town was a bit harder.

All in all this was a good mission.

My playthrough:
Moved to the comm tower, placed satchel, moved to airstrip.
Placed myself and myteam in a good spot on the hill by airstrip.
Opened fire with team and granade launcher.
Took out all soldiers with no casualties.

Moved to town, ran around town, no guards present, all gaurds scattered outside of town, it was a little hard to find the guards, we had to search for them. 

I haven't opend your mission yet, but just off of playing I give it a 7/10.

Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 01 Feb 2009, 01:43:06
Thanks for all your feedback, I tried to implement it into new v0.3.
Most importantly there is gear selection now.

Mission end was tied to arrival of 1 of 2 choppers, seems like the wrong one crashed during your go  :o
Changed that condition to a simple timer, so mission should always end now.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schuler on 01 Feb 2009, 04:14:10
great here is a good sample of beta testing, it might be a one in ten chance but we can make it a o in 100
what did you do flyInHeight command?
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: NightJay0044 on 02 Feb 2009, 07:00:45
Yeah schaefsky, I love these kinds of missions. Where you go in stealthy and black op style.

But I must say again the airfiled, was awesome, took out all guys didn't loose one guy... :)..
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 20 Feb 2009, 23:17:45
Sorry guys, was busy this month.
Did anyone try v0.3? Does it work?  :)
I'm especially interested if one encountered AI from the town which didn't do anything (long range engagement), since I have "stop"ed them at mission start so they don't just run out and die heroicly. They still enjoy that very much, though.
Did anyone try the latters (and got stuck)?
What do you think about the town and difficulty?
I actually find it pretty hard now.
If there are no further problems I would like to have it reviewed, though it was originaly planned as part of a campaign.
Thing is, the other missions are either a little on the boring side (attack that town), or my scripts don't really work. Will try to figure out some(thing).

Will post another, unrelated mission in this forum for some of you to have fun, it's a little A10 air attack mission.

Well, the problem was the two choppers were in one group, and that does not work well in Arma or OFP.
Don't remember how it was (very much the same), now it is something like:
Choppers split in two groups. They sit on the ground without waypoint (so they stay grounded, no fuel makes AI crew disembark), and get a "TRANSPORT UNLOAD" waypoint added dynamicly.
I changed a trigger triggering on their arrival to one triggering after timeout (should be flighttime plus some).
That way the mission should end no matter what the choppers decide to do.
Also, two groups makes them flying faster without the waiting of the groupleader.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: savedbygrace on 21 Feb 2009, 07:32:05
Um no. I was under the impression that you were still working on it. I'll put it on my test list for this weekend.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: NightJay0044 on 23 Feb 2009, 08:57:02
Hey I have played your mission and reviewed it, it's pending right now in our missions depot.  It's good, even though it's a simple two objectives, but it seems you put a bit of work into this.

One thing I did notice the second time was yes the AI from the town did attack at a longer range, the first time I played they attacked when I had to search for them as I mentioned.

It's saught out to be a good mission.  Every mission an author makes is good I think.  But everything seems to work fine.

Oh one thing I noticed was the objective to clear the air field didin't click done, my forces were standing there for awhile waiting for enemies to come but no one came, did you have that problem?

It worked before..
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 23 Feb 2009, 14:18:30
Oh one thing I noticed was the objective to clear the air field didin't click done, my forces were standing there for awhile
Hmm, did change waypoints there to "HOLD" IIRC, they will advance on radio message. Objective should tick of without radio message, though. Will have to check, thanks.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: savedbygrace on 23 Feb 2009, 15:39:57
Okay, just gave this new version a go and I could tell immediately that you've been busy with it. Thanks for the improvements so far. The markers were great, the links all worked, weapons selection during briefing was awesome, Intro was good, savegames fantastic, I noticed you added some defenses on the hill's overwatch of the coast...cool, I love the hidden enemy in the tents and behind the choppers. The town was more difficult this time but I think the only problem now is that the guys you are placing on the roofs of the buildings are going prone which is causing the ai to no pick them up which is why NightJay004 could not end his last objective. I tossed a few grenades upon the rooftops and all was good to go. I would either remove them, make a way to search the rooftops or setunitpos "up" them to prevent them from going prone. If you have a unit alive still you can see them in the command view but if your alone, you no longer have that view. Once you get that little snag worked out, I think you'll be ready for a review and public release. Looks great! :good:

Also for eye candy sake....change the waypoint of those incoming choppers to "Land" so that they actually land. (just a thought)
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 24 Feb 2009, 14:12:42
Thanks. Would like to put review on hold until I looked into the issues you reported.
I would post again until the end of the week, probably with an updated version.
Then a review and release would be much appreciated.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: NightJay0044 on 26 Feb 2009, 21:53:41
ok thanks a lot. I have your review already done pretty much, just waiting on you to finish your changes to the issues we added before.

Just give me the word and I'll have that review posted.  :good:

At Best,
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers (Review On Hold)
Post by: schaefsky on 02 Mar 2009, 19:51:37
Mission updated. Ready to review.
Title: Re: [SP] Night Stalkers (Review in-progress)
Post by: NightJay0044 on 03 Mar 2009, 02:04:29
review in progress, already looked at new changes..waiting to publish review, look in the next day or two here. If i get timely replies.  :)
Title: Re: (Review Completed) [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: NightJay0044 on 12 Mar 2009, 21:52:09
Review Completed (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=195)

This topic is open for after-review discussion. Have any spectacular stories? Feel free to share them!
Title: Re: (Review Completed) [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: johnnyboy on 13 Mar 2009, 06:53:58
Hi guys,

Congrats on the 7 score my man.  Wanted to try the mission but the zip file downloaded from the mission review only contains a link--not a mission .pbo file.  This needs to be fixed before the public can play this!

Title: Re: (Review Completed) [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 13 Mar 2009, 21:26:09
Hello and thanks again for all your feedback! Special thanks to NightJay0044 for reviewing the mission!
I just updated the first post with a working attachment, the OFPEC Mission Depot link is as of now not working, though.
Oh yeah, now it is in a v1.0 status (whatever that means), maybe someone would be interested in working on the deficiencies mentioned in the review? Mainly sound and camera scripting, but maybe also some further gameplay improvements?
See you here or in the next thread I will open in the beta testing section in the not to distant future (I hope)  ;)
Maybe I even get to play and test some of the other missions submitted here, does anyone know a good and cheap place to buy some time? Would be much appreciated!
Title: Re: (Review Completed) [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schuler on 13 Mar 2009, 23:41:50
See you here or in the next thread I will open in the beta testing section in the not to distant future (I hope)
hey, make it happen,, good mission mate congrades and thanks  ;), schuler
Title: Re: (Review Completed) [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: schaefsky on 14 Mar 2009, 21:31:05
Huge thanks again to you all! Has been great support over here!
What would you guys like next? The follow up to the first mission or either a simple ACE-Mod attack-the-town mission or a simple A-10 strike mission (ACE compatible and lots of more fun with the improved tracers)?
Title: Re: (Review Completed) [SP] Night Stalkers
Post by: NightJay0044 on 23 Mar 2009, 03:32:37
Hey your welcome, schaefsky.  I believe the link is fixed now in the mission depot. head over and check it out. I think it is since nobody has said anything and I have tested it out before.

Yeah the A10 strike mission sounds good. Although I don't have much experience in ArmA flying..hmm I might crash into things, before completing the mission.  :dunno:...