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Title: airship...how to....
Post by: wingedserpent1969 on 29 Nov 2008, 11:48:59
this is an early appeal for ideas and inspiration.
i am hoping to put an airship into arma but i want to avoid the tilting seen in helos and yet retain the vtol capabulity...any ideas? :dunno:

Title: Re: airship...how to....
Post by: Gnat on 30 Nov 2008, 01:10:05
Yes. Same trick as I used on my just released hydrofoil.
You name ALL the model "trim", including Memory, GEO LODs etc and use animation code like below to "level" the whole addon.
         class Leveling1
            source = "horizondive";
            memory = 1;
            minValue = -1;
            maxValue = 1;
            angle0="rad 57.3";
            angle1="rad -57.3";
The axis goes around the middle somewhere.
You can use similar code to level the left-right back as well. (Use source = "horizonBank" and another axis)
Looking forward to the first ArmA airship ;)