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Title: Gimpy Bipod
Post by: snozzdog on 27 Aug 2008, 10:33:51
Hey guys i was wondering if someone could help me out, i got something working on my computer after weeks of trying which enables me to do modding, so im going to try my hand at it. What i want to do is create a Bipod for my teams L7 GPMG. Problem is i have absolutly no idea where to start. I guess i must unpack the PBO that has the GPMG in and look at the Weapons configs. What i figured was a switch could be done so when you select 'Set Up Bipod' on the action menu the player does an action (Reloading action would be good enough) then once the action is finished the player cannot move from the spot but the effective distance of the weapon is doubled.

Is this even possible?

Title: Re: Gimpy Bipod
Post by: Spooner on 27 Aug 2008, 12:45:02
It is possible and something I have played with in script form (in the test, I "deployed bipod" on an M4 to make a M249; Just a proof-of-concept until I find someone who's made a bipod-folded and bipod-extended version of the support guns ;P). I was also trying to allow bracing of weapons to stop fortifications being death-traps, since when inside a fortification or behind sandbags, although you are a smaller target, you aren't really smaller than someone who is prone, but your accuracy is for crouching or standing, so the prone man outside actually has the advantage).

As far as I can tell, the way you'd do this would be to replace the bipod-folded version with a bipod-extended version that had less recoil (you might alternatively increase the prone recoil for the un-bipodded weapon, since I assume the values assume bipod deployment). OK, seems simple so far, but there are a multitude of problems:

* What if the player stands up? OK, when that happens I force the player to lie down again; you could alternatively disable crouch/prone buttons. Alternatively, just unbipod any weapon in inventory every second if you aren't prone, which also deals with the dropping and death problems (see below).
* What if the player crawls away or rotates with the bipod down? You could stop the player moving, or assume that the bipod wouldn't get in the way.
* Whenever you replace a weapon object in this way, it is automatically reloaded. Unavoidable, but I can live with it.
* What if the player drops the bipod weapon? Easy: disable gear menu; Harder: check ground and containers nearby and un-bipod any dropped guns.
* What if the player dies with a bipodded weapon? Replace weapon in killed handler.

Another question is, do you want it to only be usable by players, or by AI too.

Overall, I don't think prone bipods are that important (compared to crouch/standing bracing of weapons). You already get a huge reduction in recoil with MGs when prone, so the game is already assuming you are using a bipod. You'd only be adding a time delay for use of the bipod and making it highly unaccurate if you didn't spend a few seconds deploying the bipod (how long does it actually take, anyone who's used one?). Still, I think a system for bipods and bracing would be very nice to have.
Title: Re: Gimpy Bipod
Post by: snozzdog on 27 Aug 2008, 13:20:33
Ah yeah i see alot about what your saying actually, i was about to update my post after thinking about it more. What i figured was that the Bipod can be diployed and the person cant move or stand up until he 'undeploys' it but yeah i see what you mean about accuracy. What would have to be needed was a way to almost deploy an invisable fixed MG nest that has no recoil that you can 'get in' at any time only while prone, then have to 'get out' again before you can stand up. Complete with an Animated of the Bipod coming down. Perhaps instead of less recoil perhaps just a longer zoom to reach further target to emphasize steadier aiming at longer ranges. Thanks for the reply also.
Title: Re: Gimpy Bipod
Post by: Spooner on 27 Aug 2008, 13:52:03
Yeah, the static MG option, while fixing most problems, is not really viable, since you can't transfer the actual ammo from player's inventory to and from the MG "vehicle" (unless someone wants to enlighten me how to do this), so you'd end up filling up all partial magazines or some similar hack.
Title: Re: Gimpy Bipod
Post by: Wolfrug on 27 Aug 2008, 14:09:45
You can check out the Hellenic Warfare Mod, they have an Mg3 which can, I think, be "deployed" in the manner you describe - it creates a static "bipod" which one is automatically "moveingunner"'ed into. I don't think they've solved the unsolvable issue of how to transfer the AMMO though  :dry: Which basically means you can't both carry around 100-round mags for the "normal" version, and then expect to have equally much ammo when you deploy it. :(

It's problematic. But if you opt for a WW2-styled machine gun which needs like three people to use, then that could easily be simulated. :D Heh, amazing how well the ArmA engine allows for 2nd world war-era equipment...

Edit: Spooner + me = tautology.

Wolfrug out.
Title: Re: Gimpy Bipod
Post by: snozzdog on 27 Aug 2008, 16:47:15
Infact i think thats briliiant thanks alot, its more realistic with a gunner and an ammo bearer, although its hard work.... i'll just make sure im not a gunner in future then haha, thanks alot