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Title: RADAR
Post by: SpectrumWarrior on 05 Aug 2008, 15:54:42
Hi:  Can anyone tell me how to put in the gunners, and commanders 1st person view on the M1A1 that little white radar screen for spotting targets in red, like on the vulcans,  shilkas, and planes etc.? I am in the addons tracked pbo trying to edit the M1A1, I have edited the guns and optics but I cant figure out how to get the radar on the M1A1 Thanx, Spec.
Title: Re: RADAR
Post by: Spooner on 05 Aug 2008, 16:43:41
This is an addons/config, not a general scripting, question (And I'm sure someone will move the thread there when they get around to it).

There already is a radar view for the M1A1 commander position, so I'm not sure what the issue there is. Perhaps you are using a non-BIS M1A1 that has disabled the radar?
Code: (Addons/tracked.pbo:config.bin) [Select]
class Tank {
    commanderCanSee = 31; // Commander sees radar.
    gunnerCanSee = 30; // Gunner doesn't see radar.

To add radar-view for the M1A1 gunner:
Code: (yourTracked.pbo:config.bin) [Select]
class Tank {};
class M1Abrams : Tank {
    gunnerCanSee = 31; // Gunner can see radar

Title: Re: RADAR
Post by: SpectrumWarrior on 05 Aug 2008, 17:03:32
ROFLMAO: tyvm, I thought that was the zoom view of the gunner and changed that. I will put that back right now from what I changed it from lol.