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Title: Ammo config, simulation type
Post by: jones on 04 Aug 2008, 09:58:42
Anyone know where the simulations are coded.

i am trying to create smoke rounds by  using the "shellbase" config. 

Code: [Select]
class FC_105_SMOKE : ShellBase {
      hit = 50;
indirectHit = 0;
indirectHitRange = 0;
typicalSpeed = 100;
airFriction = -0.0001500;
explosive = false;
simulation = "shotsmoke";
soundHit[] = {"", 0, 1};
smokeColor[] = {1, 1, 1, 0};
cost = 300;
                          timetolive = 500;
model = "\ca\Weapons\shell";

I added a vehiclemagazine tweaked it a bit and it loads into the gun but will not fire.
I have tried using explosive = true; and false with an explosive time. I have tried alot of different configs but the only way "shellsmoke seems to work is if it is used by the throw muzzle.
Only time it will fire is when i change the simulation type back to shellshot. I am presuming that the simulations are hardcoded. If anyone has any insight on this i would appreciate a little help.

Title: Re: Ammo config, simulation type
Post by: Gnat on 04 Aug 2008, 12:15:47
I've seen a Mortar addon somewhere ... have you looked at that?

Looked at the mortar, added a smoke shell, didnt work, edited it more, didnt work ......
Looked at other addons, no one seems to have beat the system.

Closest I can find is the SD_BTR80 addon
But they script the action of launching smoke from the main gun (swap out the weapon, fire "smoke weapon", swap back the normal weapon), then used a FIRED eventhandler to catch the "shell" and script launch some smoke grenades instead.

You could do something similar by having a normal (customize, little to no explosion effects) shell fire, use the FIRED eventhandler to watch the shell. When the shell terminated / expires, replace it with a smoking custom grenade or similar .......
Sorry, after 3 hrs rooting around I can't see a config only solution.
........ OFP used to at least have smoke and flare launchers :(

Title: Re: Ammo config, simulation type
Post by: jones on 04 Aug 2008, 20:45:08
I have went in circles for a while on it put it down and then chased my tail some more. I am wondering if the simulations are hardcoded to specific cores.

Title: Re: Ammo config, simulation type
Post by: Gnat on 05 Aug 2008, 12:10:10
From my experimentation, certainly seems they are hardcoded.
Title: Re: Ammo config, simulation type
Post by: Pathy on 19 Aug 2008, 02:42:16
I'm currently scratching my head over this exact same thing, funnily enough, trying to add smoke and illum rounds to a Mortar i'm making, but soon as the
Code: [Select]
simulation = "shotSmoke"; line goes in, the round refuses to fire, even though the mortar recognises it as being loaded to the weapon. The illum i'm abit perplexed about, I can code my mortar as a grenade launcher, but it wont launch flares, yet the grenade launchers in the game have the ability to launch flares.....

I'm also guessing a scripted solution is the only one, unfortunately  :(

I've wasted about 8 hours today trying to make my mortar fire smoke, if I do find a solution i'll be sure to let you know - unlikely, though, it seems.