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Title: (Review Completed) [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey
Post by: Wass on 13 May 2008, 10:18:52
Campaign developed by sansey aka UgolSkosa

Version:  ArmA 1.08 Queen's Gambit or higher.

Campaign was tested by OTK creative collective.

(http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/1s.jpg) (http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/1.jpg)(http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/2s.jpg) (http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/2.jpg)
(http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/3s.jpg) (http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/3.jpg)(http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/4s.jpg) (http://www.flashpoint.ru/newsimages/Wass/13.05.2008/4.jpg)

We can only surmise, what interests have clashed on this island country, we can only imagine, how would events had developed, if the government was more complaisant. There's only one thing we can say for sure: all the time you will spend together with a military school cadet, whose fate has thrown him into the thick of things, won't leave you uninterested in release of a new "Range Of Death" campaign.

1)AK's and pistol pack by RobertHammer

Specially for campaign has been made facilitated pack consisting only of guns used in campaign (for those who has a full version it is not necessary)
http://otk-studio.ru/public/files/RH_packs_for_OTK-camp.rar (http://otk-studio.ru/public/files/RH_packs_for_OTK-camp.rar)
Flashpoint.ru mirror (http://www.flashpoint.ru/data/ArmA/RH_packs_for_OTK-camp.rar)
Special thanks RobertHammer and AG.

2)OTK-mod - bloody armor by BETEP-OFP
http://otk-studio.ru/public/files/otk_mod.rar (http://otk-studio.ru/public/files/otk_mod.rar)
armaholic mirror (@) (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3191)
Flashpoint.ru mirror (http://www.flashpoint.ru/data/ArmA/otk_mod.rar)

3)Addons included
-beermug.pbo - beer by Crazy Doctor
-Civilians.pbo - Civilians by Mongoose
-NEM_ZOMBIES.pbo - Changed specially for campaign CZM (Crappy Zombie Mod)
-OTK_InvTargets.pbo - invisible targets. Thanks to Lester (lesterpgruber@gmx.de) for original ofp addon concept.
Also thanks to bdfy and Lost.

Campaign "Range of Death" (28.41 Mb) (http://otk-studio.ru/public/files/ZOMBI_ENG.rar)

OFPEC Download (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=164).

armaholic mirror (@) (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3192)
Flashpoint.ru mirror (http://www.flashpoint.ru/data/ArmA/Campaigns/ZOMBI_ENG.rar)

Campaign voiced by:

Particulary grateful to:
SniperGRU, Wass for restless testing and plot design help.
Lost for scripting support.
Loktew for artistic skills.
BETEP-OFP and Crazy Doctor for special addons.
StumbleR  for translation.

Our web-site: www.otk-studio.ru
OTK and sansey, 2008.
Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 14 May 2008, 19:42:49
Hi, I tried this campaign today...with "Morning fog" being my first impression.


Hmm...very interesting, blood stained pictures....in combination with a zombie addon in the download, these keep me on the edge of my seat.


The intro was very cool as well. Good camera work, real beer in the pub, humor and a mysterious delivery from the US... I am impressed.


As this was the introduction mission, the Briefing was just a one-liner and a short diary entry, but ok in this context.


The most impressive part was the "briefing on the map", else the mission just served as an introduction.

Keep up the good work, it already looks interesting.

Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 14 May 2008, 21:03:26
And now on with "The Cordon"

This mission was most exciting, I never thought that some unarmed, bloody and growling civilians could actually scare me that much. I liked the zombie that got out of the car and bit the guard, and then it was a mad shooting orgy to ward them off. This did not work out, so I hopped into the UAZ, only to discover that this car broke down quite some distance from the base.

In the proximity to the base, another mad zombie shooting started, until I was rescued by a blood-stained BRDM. A really nice effect.

The downside of the zombies seems to be the strain on the system, since my computer froze at one point in the middle of the mission and upon restart it worked. But now the ventilator is running like crazy, even 5 minutes later when I type this text. Or maybe that is something hardware-related with my PC.

On the outro I could appreciate that "special paint job" on the BRDM even more. Very well done zombie mission.

Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 18 May 2008, 18:28:02
Here's my report on "Panic":


Interesting blood-stained picture, ties in with the campaign theme.


None, but cutscenes are provided later in the mission.


Very short, but leaves room for further additions, which happen later during the mission.


Very lively cutscene at the beginning (officers chat and later the player meets the fellow guard).
The zombie assault at the barracks entrance was very hectic. Not challenging from the tactical standpoint, but just a real zombie slaughter, I even liked it more when the music form "28 Days Later" kicked in once I boarded the BRDM.

When I was ordered to follow the convoy at the tail end, I encountered a potential showstopper. I already was on the bridge when this mysterious airstrike happened and therefore the mission was failed. Maybe you can delay the player a bit to take care of this?
The rest of the story was very interesting again, and the cutscenes were perfectly fitting for such a gruesome scenario.

Keep up the good work!



Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 18 May 2008, 19:50:04
My experiences with the mission "Dead Island":

It was a very nice clearing mission and the music fitted perfectly. I really liked the outro, especially the dropping of the corpses down the cliff and the continuation of the mysterious story. Well done.
Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey
Post by: Wass on 19 May 2008, 16:18:10
I already was on the bridge when this mysterious airstrike happened and therefore the mission was failed. Maybe you can delay the player a bit to take care of this?

It was a bug... Possible a some difference with Arma versions. You must dont get on bridge in scenario.
Keep distance :)

P.S. This Campaign ready for review.
We does not gonna modify it.
Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 19 May 2008, 19:22:41
My thoughts on the last mission:

Good intro and you push the "kill the zombies" concept a bit further by adding enemy soldiers and even a helicopter to the mess. The custom music in the mission is also excellent. I found the outro very intriguing and mysterious, and I hope there will be a sequel. Even the credits were a joy to watch.

P.S.: If you want the mission to be reviewed, please put (Review please) into the thread's title to remind all reviewers.


Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey WARNING SPOILER
Post by: laggy on 25 May 2008, 19:17:54

Hi Sansey.

I have to agree with Mathias_Eichingers points all the way. This campaign was simply awesome. Fun to play and really inspiring to a mission maker like myself. Really worth the effort of installing unofficial addons (which I normally don't like).

Great atmosphere all the way (weather, music, dialogues, the blood stained brdm and the sad bombing of Bagango, everything really).
Good build up (the story was clear and really sucked you into it).
Surprising and scary (overwhelming numbers of zombies, the headshot on your officer with the rsc addition, really disturbing).
Great camera work (every cutscene was a treat, inventive and imaginative).
Dark and serious storyline for a Sci-Fi (can't wait for a sequel).


I rarely finish any campaigns, because of my fading interest, but this one I could have continued for a long time.

If I have to say anything to negative, I think the mission failed thing could have had a warning before it terminated the missions, as I sometimes found it unclear what I had done wrong, before it was too late.


Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey (Review please)
Post by: Wass on 26 May 2008, 17:18:21
thanks, i will tell him. :)
I recommed you to see this campaign too - http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=31232.0
Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey (Review please)
Post by: Zipper5 on 27 May 2008, 12:01:35
Hopefully you don't mind me doing my own beta test of it? I just thought it was such a great campaign that it warrented another one. :)

"The cordon"
Tested with: The required addons | UNA FoV Replacement | v1.14 Final

!!! Warning: Spoilers !!!

Very cool, as are all of them. Nothing more to add.

None, as it's a continuation of the previous mission, which is fine.

Since this is a continuation of the previous mission, I started where I ended in "Morning in fog". Having had a chat with Kex and my senior officer, a BRDM with two Urals drive past full of infantry. Gave me a real sense that something was wrong. After a few more spoken words between the three of us, a civilian car came up the road. The panicking driver gets out screaming at us that "They are coming". As we listen to the radio chatter, people at one of the other outposts begin to come in over the radio. This is where I think the voice acting is truely outstanding. As he screasm that his arm is being bitten off, I get a real chill down my neck.

Eventually, the injured civilian in the back of the car gets out and starts attacking the soldier closest to the car, in which we all open fire on both of them. Damn, the buttless AK47 has a huge amount of recoil. Once this happens, the real action starts. I can hear the moans and groans of the infected coming up the road as we prepare to fire. As they come over the ridge, I realize that there are just too many of them to hold off with my two magazines and two grenades... As we shoot at them, we are quickly being overwhelmed. Eventually, my senior officer orders Kex and I to run to the UAZ and he'll hold them off. As we do so, I turn around to watch him be consumed by the zombies until I couldn't see his body anymore.

As soon as I got in the UAZ with Kex, I sped off towards the next waypoint. Along the way, I approach more infected blocking the road... And the engine cuts out! Kex gets out screaming "Shit, shit, shit!" as he gives me a push to try and get the engine started again. As he does this, the infected come ever closer. It was so intense that I kept my middle-mouse button hovered over the "Get out" action ready to have to fight my way out. Thankfully, Kex gets the UAZ to start up again and I speed off through the infected, hitting a couple of them.

Just outside of Eponia, the engine cuts out again. This time we're so close to base that we decide to run to it. I encountered a few infected as we approached Eponia, but Kex and I quickly took them down. The intensity up to this point has been absolutely amazing, and as soon as it went quiet it got even more intense. When I heard the shots to my west, I actually jumped due to the tension. As the waypoint changed for us to check out the firing, we run to our west.

As we approach, I see a flipped upside down UAZ (good touch) with a bunch of friendlies in a circle fending off infected. As we get there, I am welcomed by the fact that the UAZ and one dead soldier contain a proper AK47 and tons of ammunition and grenades. I take the AK47 and load up with as many magazines as I can, and then order Kex to rearm at the UAZ. The chatter as we wait is quite funny, with the guy asking his friend if he always smells this bad. Of course, that's a hint that something's about to happen...

And it does. Hordes of infected attack us from all sides. I pretty much had my finger pressed down in full-auto, pelting lead into as many infected as I could. The two guys infront of me get overwhelmed with infected, which at one point was welcome as I was firing at them and was afraid to accidentally shoot him. As they go down, the guy to my left goes down too, as does Kex (sadly). I run behind me as much as I can and throw a grenade into the huge group of infected. I end up beginning to think nothing's going to happen, I'm actually supposed to kill all of them myself, which was looking to be impossible...

Then a blood-stained BRDM (absolutely amazing that you guys thought to include that, adds a lot to the atmosphere) storms over the ridge and starts taking down all of the infected. I take a knee where I am and begin to fire back again. Eventually, the occupants of the BRDM scream to anyone left alive to get into the BRDM quickly, and here is where the mission ends.

The cutscene afterwards is quite funny, I wasn't expecting that type of music. It just shows the BRDM heading back to base, passing through Eponia and running over/killing a lot of infected along the way. Great camera angles and scripting though, keeping the BRDM on the road as the gunner fires at them. Nothing special, but a good way to end the mission.

An excellent mission, as are all of them in the campaign. Great voice acting, great mission design, fantastic atmosphere (largely amounted to the weather conditions and the great use of addons) and quite challenging. There was never a dull moment in this mission as I was constently wondering if I was going to make it out alive.

Tested with: The required addons | UNA FoV Replacement | v1.14 Final

!!! Warning: Spoilers !!!

Again, excellent. Leaves little idea of what the mission is going to be like, but like the style of all the other missions the picture is very well made and makes me wonder what is going to happen.

I guess it's the cutscene following "The cordon".

Having completed the last mission as the sole survivor of my group, I felt happy to be finally returning to the friendly base. As we entered it was obvious that things weren't right.

We disembarked from the BRDM near the barracks in the center of the camp and walked over to the officer. As we went there, I took notice of all the badly injured people in there, and was nervous about what they might do. The chat between the guy beside me and the officer indicated the situation, and that there was not at all enough ammunition to go around. He eventually ordered me to take a PKM from the crate and head over to the guy guarding the eastern gate.

As I got there, I began to speak to the lone guard there. As our conversation drew to a close, he exclaimed "What was that noise?" and I knew I was going to have to fight. I ran backwards to the waypoint and took a firing position and began to mow down the infected as they came in. I liked how the infected came from down the road and the left and right sides of the wall. Too many of them were coming, and again I knew it was hopeless to try and fend them off. Eventually, they broke down the wall and came in through another direction. Here was a very cool bit of scripting, where a friendly BMP drove as fast as he could through the line of infected and then came back the same way, game me a real sense of desperation.

Once this happened, I was ordered to run to the BRDM and gun down the infected. Not much ammunition was left, so I tried to use it sparingly. My friend from the gate had already been consumed by the infected. I gunned down a bunch of infected before being ordered to pick up the specops at the southern gate. I got then and the specops borded the BRDM. By that time, the BRDM was already out of ammunition so I just drove through the infected. As I did this, radio chatter was indicating that the injured people I was worried about earlier were indeed infected and killing the people around them. I was then ordered to join the tail end of the convoy as they went out of the base...

We didn't get far, though. Thankfully I stayed back a bit when the chopper attacked and destroyed the bridge. I sat there for a second in shock as I watched them fall to the ground, before reversing as fast as I could back into the base. We went back to the southern gate where we met up with a group of refugees who had managed to get into a Ural and join us. I was then ordered to follow them as we went south-wards away from the gate. Here, the mission ended.

This was an excellent outro. It started off with the Ural and BRDM pulling over due to the lack of fuel in the BRDM. It was here, that I noticed that they had still brought injured people along. As my character approached one of the soldiers and asked for ammunition, I find it funny how he and Jorge had only 1 clip left each. Gave me a real sense of the lack of ammunition. The angle then switched to Jorge, a specops operative and the officer talking to each other. When they went aside to chat in private, I realized that it was probably related to the injured civilians.

The angle switched to the civilians talking about the reasons why they got so battered up, with one of them eventually asking a soldier for a medkit. The soldier he asked said no, hinting the word "Ethiopian", which I thought was a good touch as it gave you two ideas; either 1) the guy's just being a racist asshole or 2) he knows the possibility of what the civilian could do. As the civilian got angry, I knew something was not quite right.

The scene switched back to the 3 guys having the conversation about the civlians possibly being infected, and how likely it was that they were. So again, the angle switched back to the civilian getting angry. The specop from the conversation came over and told the other soldier to calm down, and also for the civilian to calm down. The officer then ordered all the injured to the BRDM to "tend to their wounds". As they did, I knew what was going to happen. The officer and two soldiers pulled out their weapons and aimed them at the men, and I liked how you used the panicking animation from QG for them as it added a lot to the emotion. The screen blacked out, and I could hear them shoot the civilians and the officer take a few more "just-to-be-sure" shots at them, followed by a simple "Sorry, guys...". The Ural then drove away, and they placed a satchel and blew up the "evidence".

The scene then switched yet again to them all on the beach, organizing how they were going to get to the outpost. I found it interesting how each of the characters had a role to play, and how the officer trusted, say, Jorge, to actually stay behind and follow his orders to drive the Ural into the water. The officer then gave me his Makarov PM and took my empty PKM as my character was sent with the first bunch of people to clear the island. After my character got into the boat, the cutscene ended with us driving away into the ocean.

Another excellent mission, with great cinematics, tension and atmosphere. The story really began to shine as it got to this point, as I felt the soldiers were all beginning to have a meaning and personality to them.

Will post up another report soon of the last missions!
Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey (Review please)
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 22 Jun 2008, 21:02:47
I'll review this one.
Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey (Review please)
Post by: Wass on 06 Jul 2008, 16:06:40
I'll review this one.
Thanks :)
Title: Re: [CAMP] Campaign "Range of Death" by [OTK]Sansey (Under Review)
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 07 Jul 2008, 13:44:35
The campaign has been reviewed and can be found here:

Range of Death Campaign (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=164).

Have any comments, suggestions or your gameplay report? Feel free to share them with everyone!