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Title: (Review Completed) [SP] Border Quarrel
Post by: Cheetah on 09 Sep 2006, 11:17:11

A mission that I created a while back, but didn't want to release as I already had two missions in beta testing. So the time has come to replace Operation Lightning with Border Quarrel in beta testing. Let's hope that there won't be many bugs.

Some general information then:

Mission Summary:
The situation on Malden looks bad for the Americans as the Russians are mobilising a lot of their forces.
In the south, near Chapoi, there appears to be heavy enemy resistance. You, Paul Hitch are in Le Port and have to get
towards the border with the Russians, near Chapoi.

Your role:
Infantry soldier.

Island: Malden
Version of OFP: Resistance or higher
Zip size: ~850 kb
Addons: None

Important changes
Tried to iron the bugs out, especially the showstopper. Tested the mission three times and I think I fixed it. Just in case, there's a debug script, which can be called by the radio: 0-0-0. It gives you a survey of all of the variables in the mission (useful ones for me). If you experience a showstopper, use the radio and let me know the values of all of the variables (e.g. take a screenshot and attach it to your post).

Border Quarrel (0.87):
Edit: This mission has been reviewed and is available from the Missions Depot (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=175).

Thank you for your attention and (hopefully) review(s).
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.85 BETA
Post by: rhysduk on 10 Sep 2006, 16:40:34
Border Quarrel BETA Review
Conditions: ECP, Benchmark 8000

Take out the credit to yourself at the bottom, this is what the Readme is for.
No typo's here.
A good bordered picture.
Adequate text.

How about targetting the MM-1 Soldier instead of just seeing the grenades being fired?
Also, when the text that says "Several ambushes.... some casualties", wouldnt it be more correct to use the word major instead of some, as there are several squads beign ambushed and not just 1 or 2??
No real big problems tho.

Typo: "with driver" should read "with a driver"
In the notes section, theres a typo: "we" should read "we are" or "we're
Adequate notes section!
There is a very small weapon selection, consider beefing it up a little bit.

I get lots of errors at the beginning, think it might be ECP related, will check and get back to you.
Found out to be ECP, for some reason ECP doesnt like this mission.
Anyway, The drive to Chapoi was too boring for me, you could spice it up with some artillery, a conversation with the driver etc, something to keep the player hooked!
The briefing with the CO was good, but I get the feeling you are the only voice actor in this?
Again nice work with the conversation with the LT.
I enjoyed the enemy attack on Saint Marie escpecially as its coming from 2 different directions.
After the ambush i had 1 man left! Urgh.
So i jumped in the jeep and hot footed it to Chapoi to help defend it.
....... A efw minutes pass nothing, I wandered themajority of the red circled area but nothing ever happened. Didnt see 1 soldier or tank etc.
So the enemy attack on Chapoi never happens...

This post will be updated as new review content is acquired.


Error Picture 1 ( and Error Picture 2 (

I will continue reviewing this when the bug has been sorted

Overall, a good mission so far! I hope you can get that bug sorted!
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.85 BETA
Post by: Cheetah on 10 Sep 2006, 20:52:28
rhysduk, thanks for testing mate, and damn I hate those bugs.. but that's what beta testing is for.

And yes the drive will be changed a bit, had this idea too but didn't know what to do with it yet, will add something when I can think of something interesting.

The bug will be fixed asap, Op. L. got a priority as I thought that all bugs were ironed out and I want that to happen fast :).
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.85 BETA
Post by: Mikero on 14 Sep 2006, 08:29:46
Take out the credit to yourself at the bottom, this is what the Readme is for.

Our staff review guidelines frown on author advertising. This is a long held policy borne from experience. Personal opinion only is that I prefer to see modest author advertsing (and version number), but, Rhysduk is correct.
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.85 BETA
Post by: Cheetah on 26 Sep 2006, 21:35:30
As rhysduk is having problems with his pc, I can't contact him to verify certain things which he may have missed. If he indeed missed these, this mission works fine. I tested it twice and there was no showstopper, so it would be nice is someone could beta test the mission.

A new version will be released after a few more beta reports have been posted.
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.85 BETA
Post by: Mikero on 26 Sep 2006, 22:37:43
I'll get onto it.
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.85 BETA
Post by: Mikero on 27 Sep 2006, 06:32:47
readme does not mention which addons are needed. As in none.


Picture is fine, but could be stretched wide a little more.

2nd mention of the mission's title at bottom is noisy.

enemies = enemy
AT Chapoi

I am always grateful to see a) a revision, b) whodunnit

It seems strange to me that any author doesn't deserve a modest bit of credit. Harm's no-one. SPLASHING huge bold type about a clan website is not modest, a simple name, is. After five (or is it six?) years of ofp it is becoming increasingly frequent that missions are called same name. No harm distinguising the difference.

A version num is surely required? The most famous campaign ever built, PMC fury, containing over 250 missions, started in 1982. It goes thru periodic revision every few months ever since. Without version numbers, umm err, which PMC Fury are you playing? I fail to see the harm.


Fine by me. The most important thing. It told the story, leaving me some idea of what I should expect. A little hesitation between scenes that shouldn't be there, but that's being picky. Had the feeling this needs some low key music. Track 7 suggested.

First time in a long time, that i haven't spotted any errors in the titletext.



we take = we've taken

Gear selection is sensible. What a relief not to be given the kitchen sink. I swapped out for the XM thingammy, largely because I wanted to get rid of my always useless smoke grenades. Hate the things.

Map: perfect with no noise. One serious error. No click back to Le Port (I know where it is, cadets don't)


Whole thing appealed to me. It and the notes were totally to the point and written in a nice way.


good candy, not over the top. Clearly evident jeep.

"Hi I'm going to Chapoi..."

NO. "Hi, since you're taking me to Chapoi...."

Voice acting was low volume, i don't know why.

The music cutting out so soon at the T junction scared me witless. I have one eye patch and three missing teeth, I *know* what that means. I'll be ambushed. It didn't happen. You need to keep the music going.

Great candy. Instead of a boring drive, i'm alerted to the presence of civilians and allies. I'm then, watching everything. Just in case I need them.

Good retry point. Anything earlier would have scared me.

I feel a hint is required here, 'report to CO, you'll find him in town somewhere'. Make me do the work finding him, but let me know he really is, around.

Voices again are low volume.

Perfect briefing update, but LT is awful. Ltnt suggested.

I stole a jeep and took off. Environ sounds needed please, a few birdchips or whatever. It's a bit stale bit too staged without them.
Similar comment to make about the soldiers doing nothing. I feel they should be on patrol, or just walking about. It's a bit too obvious bugger all will happen until I find the Lieutenant.

Nice fade in, nice retry.

Managed to hold most of my team together on first attack. There were still loons about but next stage kicked in, took outpost WEST (not EAST), headed for Chapoi. Still a few loons being silly, one standing in centre of St Marie.

Drove to Chapoi and waited and waited.

-endmission SHOWSTOPPER

All retries kicked in where I would expect them to (nice). All updated objectives worked (except 'EAST')

Everything fine up to here, if a little stage managed, but fine so far.
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.85 BETA
Post by: Cheetah on 27 Sep 2006, 16:44:53
Mikero thanks for testing.

Hate it that my mission always have problems in them which I don't get. The same with operation lightning, so I guess I'll have to force my brother to play while I watch. Because it works fine for me.. Stupid bugs :).
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: Cheetah on 30 Sep 2006, 13:21:54
Version 0.86 released, grab the download link in the first post.

A lot of typos and grammatical errors have been fixed in this new version. As well as the showstopper, check the first post for additional information on it. It's above the download links and tells you something about the debug script. The weapon selection has been extended a bit too make it more interesting for some players. Check the readme for detailed version updates.
Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: karantan on 01 Oct 2006, 01:25:44
Hold/defend the position, my favourite, so here's my beta test report Cheetah.


I remember one of the zooming gave a headacke.

The briefing is 'nice and clean', without the noise.

You could add the links to Chapoi and Saint Marie in Briefing text.

In Gear you have some unlogical selection; there're grenades, but no weapon for it, there's a pile of hand grenades (over 40 I think), but the player is alone in the group, there's a binoc, but the player already have one.

The sound level of voice acting is a bit (to)quied.

Next suggestion have nothing to do with bugs, but with mission designing; it should be better if the player would drive to the Chapoi alone - more interesting and less dull. Also then he can proceed to Saint Marie without 'stealing' a jeep in Chapoi.

In the second objective remove a word 'yourself'. I'm not some expert in English, far from it, but I think I'm right here.

The character's voice in the curscenes is deep, but in radio is squeeky.

About playing the mission; we neutralised the first attack in Saint Marie easily (perhaps thankfuly to my usage of Nordic Nature Pack - there the forests are more 'transparent'), I lost two man, mostly because of my poor placing. Next we clear the outpost. I was a bit late in my returning to Chapoi -I've been busy to equip my squad mates with some better gear-, which turns out  quite apropriate at the end, because we came right on time to attack the enemy from the flank, and with a little manouver even from behind. After a bit of a firefight the enemy was defeated.

The Outro nicely circles up the mission.

A very nice, enjoyable mission, I'm personally never tired of such missions (I'm awared that waging a war is a very repetitive doing - attack, defend, attack, defend ...), quite playable, yet it needs some more attention.

There're still that error messages present with ECP, so I've been forced to 'switch to normal', which is quite a shame in my eyes.
Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: Cheetah on 01 Oct 2006, 09:44:16
Hey karantan,

thanks for the beta test, glad that the mission ended this time. Hopefully the showstopper is now 100% gone.
Anyway, your comments have been noted, still awaiting more reports before I'm going to improve some things though.
Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: bardosy on 03 Oct 2006, 08:19:04
Hi cheetah.

Intro: Could you put more russians to the trucks? Now its half empty.

Weapon selection: Interesting weapons, but could you give us more ammo, please? (eg. for FN-FAL)

1., Travel: Music is OK. But it end soon and there is no concersation... :) You told this :P and I insert conversation in the long travel... Ok. The eye candies in the road are very good! Maybe a lillte bit more traffic on the road?
2., Chapoi base: Good camp. Maybe more activity? The most of soldiers just standing... Maybe siting, or walking... But I could find the office easy.
3., The northern town (sorry I forgot the name): I couldn't find easy the officer, but finally I did. But when the shootout started the other US soldiers just standing in SAFE mode. Or one of them get his weaponb, but finally he put his M16 back on his shoulder. It's a little bit odd.
4., Fight for this village: Good fight! Good old, 2-sided attack. Great! I lost a few men... and FN-FAL was empty so I get a PK mg. It's not so good, but the community in the forums told legend about it. We addavanced up to the ouptpost and I wounded on my arm, but we execute the rest of russians. I got order to defend Chapoi, so I run back and I had only 3 men, so I get in my jeep, but the fuel tank was empty... Great! (Somebody hit the fuel line) So I run to the other jeep an get in, and my last 3 men too. We drove to the straw-stack north from Chapoi and disembark.
5., In Chapoi there was a huge battle... Great! I love it! It was not so laggy, but I felt me so small and little. I felt in Chapoi US forces win this battle without me, but it's an honor to participate in this battle, so I run down to the town. A T-80 standing in the main road and kill my fellow US brother-in-arms. I stop for a moment to search for any AT weapon, but somebody else (maybe my men) destroy the tank. Then I run to a dead US soldier and got his LAW and M16. The situation was a little confuse. Great battle feeling: shootouts and exposions. An M60 was running around the town. I saw russian infantry from west, so I layed and tried to kill them (my hands was injured). And I could kill a few russans and the battle ended.

Debrief: 24 min. 5840 point and one red cross penelty... :( I lost my four men.

Outro: It was a little short. But OK.

Summary: Great mission, I like it. The both battle ended when I need a little peace... :)
There is no showstopper or any bug.
Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: Cheetah on 03 Oct 2006, 12:32:02
This is what I noted after the reports of bardosy / karantan, anything I forgot?

-trucks not full enough
-zooming not optimal

-links to chapoi / st marie
-unlogical gear selection
-more ammo for fn-fal

-sound level of acting too quiet
-improve jeep drive (conversation, more traffic)
-voice of character is different in cutscenes/radio
-ECP error
-more activity in towns
-soldiers acting strange when the firefight starts in st marie
-eyecandy soldiers have to participate in combat

-debrief red crosses
Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: bardosy on 03 Oct 2006, 12:52:09
Sorry, it's my fault! The redcross is not your fault. It's OK. I was too weak and OFP engine punish me with this red cross.
This redcross is not in the objective list, but next to the earned points.
You must crear this last line from your note!

Can I ask something:
The soldiers who patroling/standing next to the road while the jeep transport me, they participate in the last, big battle for Chapoi? Or they do nothing, just eye-candy. It could be great, if you don't creat new units for the battbe, but use this soldiers: when the player arrive at st marie, a trigger order the eye-candy soldiers to advance to chapoi.
Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: Cheetah on 03 Oct 2006, 16:37:56
Sorry, it's my fault! The redcross is n [...]

Can I ask something:
The soldiers who patroling/standing next to [...]

@red cross,
well it's my fault really, ofp displays a red cross if your score is too low. But you can set min,max and avg scores in the description.ext and there's a lot of people which have recieved these red crosses (including myself). So I see it as a "bug", because even if you do your best, you won't score enough points. (avg score was set to 10.000)

@eye candy to participation
no, in it's current state the mission doesn't feature this although I want to add it later on. Won't really influence the mission much by the way. As the soldiers in St Marie would have to remain there to defend it and there's maybe one mechanized infantry squad near the road betwee Chapoi and Le Port. The only unit which will participate in the final battle is the M60.
Will change this in the next version. Thanks bardosy.
Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: mathias_eichinger on 23 Oct 2006, 19:51:05
Hi here's my review!


Good picture, text is right. Good job here.


A classic Intro featuring an infantry battle. Very interesting is the use of a second, smaller font and custom voiceovers.
This is something you don't see too often.


Very little information presented, but one immediately suspects that the mission will develop further.  :D
Weapons selection is present, and I like to play with the Resistance-added rifles, they are very underrepresented in the game.


The long jeep ride is shortened by music and cleverly placed eyecandy (soldiers along the road). Nice battle at St. Marie.... I managed to shoot from a house into the wood and lob grenades at the russians  ;)
However, some of them got trough and it ended up in house-to-house-fighting. I received a gunshot when attemting to take a look on top of the outpost, so it was a nice challenge to to that too.

Advanced on foot to Chapoi and catched some Reds attacking from the flank. Shot two of them dead at 500 m (looks like the FN FAL has a greater range than the M16) but spent all my ammo in this firefight. So I collected another rifle from St.Marie. When I went back I did not manage to reach Chapoi in time before the mission ended.

Known Bugs

The radio message telling the player to mop up the outpost is a bit misleading. The text displayed talks of the outpost being west of St.Marie, while the recording speaks of East. But the marker clears this up. So it is just a minor complaint.


A classic mission featuring the take/defend style. But is is nicely done and really worth playing.



Title: Re: [SP] Border Quarrel - 0.86
Post by: Cheetah on 23 Oct 2006, 20:03:03
Mathias thanks for the report.

The radio message telling the player to mop up the outpost is a bit misleading. The text displayed talks of the outpost being west of St.Marie, while the recording speaks of East. But the marker clears this up. So it is just a minor complaint.
Will fix this in the next version.

Glad you liked the mission, glad that there's not too much wrong with it :).
Title: Re: (Please review) Border Quarrel - 0.87
Post by: Cheetah on 15 Feb 2007, 23:58:30
I've just updated Border Quarrel to 0.87, the final version. It should function without errors / showstoppers.
For the download look take a look at the first post.
Title: Re: (Please review) Border Quarrel - 0.87
Post by: sharkyjoe on 18 Feb 2007, 21:12:52
Hey just did a played it.

I could not find anything wrong with it.

I'm skipping my usual style review because of my time and this is your last version. Looks like ya got the major kinks out.

I still got XXX on the debreifing by the score. I still had some men left with me and a I took out 6 guys myself. It kinda makes ya feel like you did something wrong when ya  get those red "X's".

One Thing:
I ran around and tried to find more East guys to take out but couldn't, Why?? wouldn't the objective tick off to green check mark.
Then I realized that a T-80 was sitting in town damaged and not able to do anything, so I find a law and blew it up. Now I got the objective done. I think its just one of those game things that you dont have any control over.
Was this mission supposed to part of a Campaign??

I liked the mission. Fun not complicated plenty of action if ya want or you can stand back and command.  :)

Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.87
Post by: NightJay0044 on 04 Oct 2008, 21:32:46
This mission was really well played, I enjoyed it A for the author.
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.87
Post by: zwobot on 05 Oct 2008, 09:42:24
Hi Cheetah,
just wanted to say I think I've spotted 2 typos in your overview:
"enemies" <- "enemys"; "received" <- "recieved"

I haven't finished your mission yet, but you already have a number of beta reports...
From what I have ssen so far it seems to be a decent CWC style mission.

Edit: wah, dammit. I've just noticed how old this thread is. Why was this dumped in the first place?
Title: Re: Border Quarrel - 0.87
Post by: NightJay0044 on 25 Oct 2008, 10:10:16
Hi good news, this mission is ready for publishing. Published, now you can download it. Below.

Review Completed (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=175)

This mission is ready for after-reviewing. Have any spectacular stories feel free to share them.