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Title: A Soldier's Awakening
Post by: Big-Boss on 21 Oct 2002, 11:29:33
How's this for a mission: The mission starts and everything is faded black. you are in your tent, just waking up, you rub the sleet from your eyes (Black in/out), you realise it is 3 AM in the morning when, all of a dudden you hear a massive explosion and the sound of choppers flying overhead. (The mission then cuts to 6 AM)

You recieve your briefing at the company HQ, you learn that the forward position has been hit, and that Spetz-Natz commandos have infiltrated your lines, the Major assigns you to a platoon of infantry to command (Using the command engine from CoC mod) (Cuts to 8 AM)

The trucks you were travelling in get ambushed, and it's up to you to fight off the ambushers, one truck gets destroyed, so you have to continue on foot to the front-line position. Once there, the fortifications recieve artillery bombardment and air strikes. Not much you can do but keep your head down. The bombing is followed by an assault by 3 Mech Inf platoons and an armoured platoon. there is no way to hold the front so you recieve orders to retreat. (Cuts to noon)

your commander assigns you to lead a squad of marine force recon to scout out the area ahead: near to where you withdrew from. The patroll gets ambushed and cut off from main force units. under intense fire, you locate an emergency dust off LZ and call in chopper evac.

The ideas are flowing. more later.
Title: Re:A Soldier's Awakening
Post by: Captain Wacky on 21 Oct 2002, 16:14:04
Sounds quite good so far.

How about adding a bit more right at the beginning of the mission though. Like having the player go to investigate the noise and have to fight off a couple of Soviets maybe? I don't think a Soldier would just sit there after hearing an explosion nearby.
Title: Re:A Soldier's Awakening
Post by: Phantom on 21 Oct 2002, 16:26:07
I agree with capt. wacky, you wouldn't wait if your mates have just been blown to high hell, you'd grab your weapon, ammo and anything else you need to kill the bastards. and you definately wouldn't wait till 6 for a briefing and then another 2 hours just to hear a briefing and get moving. i say you have everyone running out of tents, and some guy's running around saying that the forward position has been hit, so that people know the drill, then have 5t trucks pull up, to give everyone the idea that your moving out. you also wouldn't be getting assigned to a platoon at the last minute, they're with you, not at the forward pos. so they'd still be alive, therefore if you were in charge of a platoon, they'd be looking for you and vice versa. it seems that your doing a lot of retreating, what if you had dynamic objectives, so depending on how you carry yourself and your men decides whether you need to retreat or not. finally, about the marine force recon group, you don't just get assigned to the job of leading an elite special forces group on a scouting mission, so unless that platoon at the start is changed in to a squad of force recon men that your in charge of, it's not gonna fit.

Other than that though, it could be a beautiful mission, i look forward to playing it mate

Title: Re:A Soldier's Awakening
Post by: Big-Boss on 22 Oct 2002, 19:49:16
I'm going to start on it tonight. Just got all of the scripts I need, I think the mission needs a bit more planning, as I have taken into account what you guys have said. To add some more atmosphere, I would like voice actors for ambience, so instead of text apearing at the bottom saying "war cry", I could have guys yelling in the background and ambient but urgent sounding radio chatter.
Title: Re:A Soldier's Awakening
Post by: Captain Wacky on 24 Oct 2002, 16:27:50
Sounds good.

However, you may not need voice actors. The editor contains quite a few good voice effects, like:

"Get to your positions! We're under attack!"


"Go! Go! Go!"

Plus, do you have DePBO. DePBO the campaign and single missions and you'll find some good radio chatter. Stuff like:

"Bravo's down!" Over radio.

Hope thats of some help.
Title: Re:A Soldier's Awakening
Post by: Big-Boss on 26 Oct 2002, 20:18:50
yes, i have the campaign sound effects.