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Title: (Review Completed) [SP] USSR: Supplies Shortage by David Le Vengeur
Post by: rhysduk on 29 Aug 2006, 02:39:09
File: Supplies Shortage.zip (1.7mb) (http://andrew.nf/OFP/Missions/351 USSR Supplies Shortage.zip)
Version: 1.0
Requires: OFP 1.42
AuthorDavid Le Vengeur
Description:The US troops are slowly taking Kolgujev. Because of Moscow orders, our fuel supplies have been drasticaly reduced. We were facing the idea of a complete retreat...
Review by Intar:

Relatively rare does a mission of high caliber come along that really shows a bright star among the masses of missions out there. USSR: Supplies Shortage is a definite diamond in the ruff. One word describes this mission perfectly: smooth. The movies are well done, the mission has few, if any error (I noticed no problems during game-play) and although the difficulty is high, it is refreshingly realistic. As with all great missions, balance is a must. This mission balances strategy and realism together with skilled scripting, cinematics, and even custom sound! Now on to the specificsâ€Â¦

OVERVIEW AND BRIEFING: The overview is average; short and sweet and to the point. However the briefing contains a very unique twist. Like most briefings, the objectives are clearly laid out with working links and markers, but as you click on the objective, the briefing opens into a more specific mode, completely changing from the normal briefing page into a specific briefing page. In other words a briefing within a briefing. This really adds realism to the mission and gives a broad overall object and a detailed plan of attack. Just reading the briefing made me feel like I really was in the military ;) The only real drawback to the overview was the several typos I found. A little more proofing in this department would really pay off and up the overall score.

CINEMATICS: Although the cinematics are on par with most, what really struck me was the addition of custom music scripted into the scenes, as well as during the actual mission. The movies flowed smoothly, but the framerate was a little slow (Even with my P3 1GHZ, 512MB Ram and 128MB ATI Radeon 8500), so low end computer users beware. Otherwise the movies executed perfectly without any glitches, which is really rare. The lack of an end sequence kind of dissapointed me. I felt after all that work a cinematic of the fleeing USSR would have been more rewarding than the typical debriefing.

SCRIPTING: What can I say? This mission has quite a bit of carefull scripting that plays the most important role in any mission. The AI here is fair: Troops run and hide behind cover, slowly creep into hot zones, snipe at you, and everything else real soldiers do in combat. I found the Russian AI to be particularly feeble though. The Soviets ran into M2 fire blindly, and on several attempts of the mission, I completed it as the lone soldier holding his own against overwhelming odds. At least there was ample vehicle placement to aid against US barrages of troops. I love machinguns! Oh, and look out for US special weapons, you will need them here to survive ;) If the Russian AI was a little fine tuned, the difficulty would be a little more palatable and the overall enjoyment would be noticably better.

OVERALL: This is a well done achievement that deserves recognition. Although it is not CHQ approved, with a little more attention to detail it certainly could be. A definate worthy download. Kudos to david_le_vengeur to this overall outstanding mission.

Title: Re: USSR: Supplies Shortage by David Le Vengeur
Post by: NightJay0044 on 05 Jul 2007, 12:39:10
Hi, although this mission has been out for quite some time, I thought I'de give my small review on it.
Below will be my personal review/walkthrough of this mission which I gave it an 7/10.

Approaching the base:
This part was fairly simple, unless you don't pay attention. I tackled most of the guys, my other guys barely got any of them. I stole a G36 from the enemy, primarly because it's way more accurate, almost as good as the M21, maybe even better except the long range.

Digging in the base:
Here I just picked a spot and started shooting any enemy soldier I saw, I took cover in some bushes, because I konw that's a flaw where OFP has, where you can sit inside a bush or well concieved area and nail down a whole platoon if you had enough ammo without them knowing your in that position. Thankfully for my G36.

Leaving the base:
This part was not to bad, I liked the reinforcements from the enemy but I just mowed them down with my G36. Maybe a couple BMP's could of done the trick, perhaps force the player to take a LAW launcher from the enemy dead soldiers or something just for a little twist.

Grabbing the fuel truck:
I got in the truck and drove it to the point where needed. I met some resistance from the enemy there, nothing to much to worry about, I kind of knew what to expect after I ran into the enemy where the took out my soldiers. My truck only got destroyed once. Other then that took out the incoming trucks coming.

Protecting the fuel truck:
This part was a little tricky, they editor had quite a few squads coming in from each direction and I was the only one there my other guy decided to camp out in some trees, he wouldn't listen to my orders, ah well, I can do withtout.  I took good cover by the destroyed M113 and had a good line of sight and started shooting at anything that moved. Then the boat arrived and loaded the fuel necessary. I could of stayed and faught the whole squads going solo, but I just decided to run to the boat and complete the mission.

I like this mission in it's enemy forces and game play. Your always on the move and ready for action at the moments notice. Like I said maybe some light armour could of been more difficult but mabye that wasen't the designers idea.

To end it, this was another good mission, I'de play it again. Thanks..
Title: Re: USSR: Supplies Shortage by David Le Vengeur
Post by: schuler on 18 Jul 2007, 18:18:22
want a good fight???? play this one  ;)

Edit: This mission is available from the Missions Depot (http://www.ofpec.com/missions_depot/index.php?action=details&id=36).