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Title: For Azraell
Post by: Archangel Scream on 16 Oct 2002, 23:24:25

Hi there, Azraell -

I'd just like to offer a sincere and personal apology for the way I handled your thread regarding new missions.

As I realised later, the point I was actually trying to make was being twisted by an aggressive approach on my part. This was completely unnecessary, and unsuitable for any of the forums I manage, administrate, or am a member of, whether at OFPEC or elsewhere.

I could offer excuses - I have quite a few! - but at the end of the day I know my manner wrong, and that's all that counts in such matters.

This morning I was actually going to remove the old posts and apologise on the thread in question, but had to reformat my hard drive and deal with some online security issues. When I was finally able to access OFPEC, the thread had been locked.

This apology is being posted in public at OFPEC, so that other members may see that I freely accept that my attitude was wrong - and I will also be sending you an e-mail of this apology, to ensure that you receive it.

I would also, as a note, like to direct another apology to all mission builders - whether prospective or veteran - in the event of my attitude discouraging any such members from wishing to submit missions to OFPEC because of the incorrect attitude I displayed in the previous thread.

I would also like to apologise to all OFPEC staff in the event of my postings reflecting badly on OFPCE itself.

Sincerely to all -


[Archangel Scream]
Title: Re:For Azraell
Post by: Azraell on 17 Oct 2002, 16:52:52
hey, you shoulda got my mail by now, and like i said, no problem, anger is only temporary. My explosions were also uncalled for. heat125?  Misrepesentation of text and miscommunication often results in these aggresive online situations and i automaticlly assumed your post as an attack on me. Assumtion is the mother of all f**k ups:). Anyway, on the way over to editing stuff to figure out the cadet/vet thing i mentioned and then onto add more to my outro.
Title: Re:For Azraell
Post by: Archangel Scream on 17 Oct 2002, 19:08:48

No worries, and thanks for the mail. Glad we're looking good again, and looking forward to see what you're offering - sounds as if you may be able to pull off something nice, by what you've described. Happy to test - though I'm also on dial-up. Still, that's never stopped me downloading anything OFP :)

Something about the cadet/veteran issue many builders aren't aware of - waypoints only show up in cadet mode. So when folks like Wolfsbane play on veteran mode, for that extra level of realism, it means they need clear instructions on where to go for each objective. Otherwise they're left in a mission with no direction. Wolfie hates that ;)

And that's a general point I recommend to any mission builder.

Title: Re:For Azraell
Post by: Sefe on 17 Oct 2002, 19:30:39
So when folks like Wolfsbane play on veteran mode

I play in vetran mode, too.

Wolfie hates that

I hate that, too.

Anyways, now that everything is fine again, the thread has run it's course.

Peace. :afro:

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