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Title: (C)rapidshare.
Post by: Hula on 20 Nov 2005, 14:39:52
I can understand mission makers uploading to this facility but surely most of us on proxy servers encounter this sort of message:

You have downloaded xxxxxx KB in one hour. Want to download more?

and that's has far as we get unless we agree to use the premium service but there's alot of other file hosting sites that don't ask for money to d/l what are essentialy small files that we may only want now and then. Can't help feeling that mission makers would get a broader spectrum of mission testers if they offered an alternative link to there file other than rapidshare. Just my two cents.

Title: Re:(C)rapidshare.
Post by: Tyger on 21 Nov 2005, 04:12:18
As a mission maker myself (I won't spam here ;) ) I would really appreciate more hosting, but most sites either cost money, or you have to make a webpage, which I have no time for. :P So if anyone offers webhosting, we'll accept it. It's just a manner of time vs. need conflict.
Title: Re:(C)rapidshare.
Post by: 456820 on 25 Nov 2005, 17:46:36
im happy to host your missions on geocites as longer as there no larger then 5.0MB
i would advertise in my sig but i ran out of letters

if you need a mission hosting you can send it to me at rob0991v2@hotmail.com
hope i can elp some of you
Title: Re:(C)rapidshare.
Post by: Tyger on 28 Nov 2005, 15:21:18
That's a nice offer, 456. I'm working on getting a free site with enough space to hold some of the beta missions as well. Hopefully we'll have some more solutions here soon.

Title: Re:(C)rapidshare.
Post by: wcrvieira on 28 Nov 2005, 16:32:11
Tyger... try tripod or geocities. ;)

I use it to host files for OFP...
You dont need a page done, it will happear as folders :P

But atention!! They offer you reduced bandwidth like...around 50MB~100MB...so it can run out quickly.