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Title: Firing range?
Post by: Gundato on 12 Jul 2005, 22:08:56
I just want to check if this already exists before I really get started on mine.

My desire is for a map which will let me try out the various different guns, weapons, and maybe even vehicles against stationary targets and the like.

As far as targets go, I plan to use those targets in the first mission of the original campaign (as for armoured targets, I will probably just use an empty vehicle or something), so I have that set.

But IS there already a firing range style map? Just something to let people get used to the weapons, check bullet drop, etc.
Title: Re:Firing range?
Post by: wcrvieira on 12 Jul 2005, 22:51:07
Yep there is  :)

There is one from the Delta Ops campaign (no link) and I heard some clans have their own firing range missions to train rookies and newbies (not confirmed intel) :P

Hope it helps... but btw dont give up making your own firing range  ;)

NBR Out!
Title: Re:Firing range?
Post by: wcrvieira on 12 Jul 2005, 23:38:57
btw I forgot!

Welcome to the forum!
Title: Re:Firing range?
Post by: General Barron on 13 Jul 2005, 06:58:56
In the missions depot there is a map called exactly that, and it was designed for exactly what you are wanting.

Unfortunately, there is no 'search' function in the MD. But just list as many missions as you can on one page (you can edit the web address to display as many as you want), and then use IE's 'search' function. Search for "firing range" or something similar.
Title: Re:Firing range?
Post by: bigdave003 on 13 Jul 2005, 17:31:43
Is there a way to place targets at a set distance from the player? I want to test the range on different weapons but need a way to mark out ranges, or place targets every 25m, something along those lines. Any ideas? I guess it could be scripted to place a target using setpos or something via a radio command, but dont know how to do it.

Title: Re:Firing range?
Post by: Gundato on 13 Jul 2005, 18:11:31
Well, what I plan to do is first scope out a good spot FOR the firing range, write down the coordinates, and then test a few waypoints to get the distance equivalents.

I know this isn't the right forum for this, but does anyone know if there is a way to regenerate the targets? This way you don't have to reload if you shoot all the cardboard guys :p And is there an abandoned vehicle target or something, or would I be best off just using an empty Ural or BMP?
Title: Re:Firing range?
Post by: bigdave003 on 13 Jul 2005, 18:17:59
I'm using STO Strike Island, its a great training island with lots of ranges, rifle, sniper, tank etc

http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=8063 (http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=8063)

Thats the link, hope it helps